Is it just me...

#1nikmeshPosted 10/8/2009 5:01:57 PM
Or does the pc version of the game run way too fast in battle mode? I've been playing the ps2 version now for a while and the diffrences in battle speed are too obvious. Pc version when a char moves it's like he's super sprinting and theres almost no waiting at all to move 4 sqaures. When it comes to combo's you either have to get the timing down through guess work because the stupid white circles are way to fast to try to activate on. I can just about combo with most chars but can easly make a small mistake and fail em. Also activating the ultimate is pretty tricky. None of this on ps2 version, white circles aren't gone in a flash and can be responded too pretty easily.

Is there something that i ain't doing right with pc version? is it naturally this fast or is there another cause behind it, and if so what?

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