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User Info: Ethan_Silver

5 years ago#1
After playing through this game, I figured I'd tackle the task of ripping the game scripts. Apparently some tools already exist but I've been unable to track them down as they were old as heck (~2004-2005).

What I have so far is far from being perfect, with a number of script commands as of yet undetermined. Then again, I started this about two days ago, so... ya know. :)

Note that pretty much everything in the game seems to be handled by these files, and not just events. The events are mostly fine with only a few minor commands missing for the most part. More code-related stuff doesn't quite come out all that well yet. Have a look at the op_* files for the opening scenes, mb_* files for battle events, and most of the ones starting by a character's name (ex, aru_m1_010).

Also worth nothing,
Var_007F = FFFF;
Var_0085 = 0000;
This series of instructions is used to make the name of whoever is talking blank. Not too sure why (especially considering there's a command to change the name already) but whatever.

I'll probably have a better version at some future date. Enjoy!
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