New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

#21eclecticgiftPosted 5/5/2012 6:43:09 PM
It's a shame that Spider Man 3 kind of ruined the legacy of the first two movies because they were really good.

Iron Man, Spider Man and Christopher Nolan's Batman are all very good movies and are appealing in different ways.

Which reminds me that I need to see Tim Burton's Batman at least one time.
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From: gobraves05 | #011
Is there any movie franchise that has had a complete 180 degree turn like the Tobey McGuire Spiderman flicks?

When they came out, everyone was raving and it was a constant, "OMG, these are AWESOME!" At least with the first two. I think it's universally accepted how terrible Spiderman 3 is. I never really cared for the 2nd one either, but at the time, I remember a lot of people saying it was the best superhero movie of all-time.

Now, everyone is just kind of "ehh" about that entire trilogy. Shows the kind of pull the Nolan Batman films have had.

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