Anyone know if The Three Stooges are on TV anymore?

#1dragonrider74Posted 11/26/2004 6:58:40 PM
I haven't seen them in a long time. I miss Curly...
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#2Welfare_CheckPosted 12/6/2004 6:43:00 PM
I see them every once in a while on the TCM channel.
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#3manofvideogamePosted 12/11/2004 1:46:06 PM
They use to be on AMC but not anymore. ;_;
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#4NickBush24Posted 12/15/2004 12:30:54 PM
I liked watching TTS once in awhile.
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#5Luster_SoldierPosted 12/28/2004 9:42:15 AM
I'm not sure.
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#6Reid_the_GreatPosted 1/17/2005 1:01:14 AM
Last time I saw em, they had commercials DURING the movies to stretch each one out to half an hour. I don't remember what channel this was, though
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#7Preparation_HPosted 2/11/2005 8:12:40 PM
Still not on tv...
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#8ZoopPosted 2/24/2005 8:35:39 PM
Good news courtesy of

[February 4, 2005] Spike has acquired The Three Stooges! A marathon will air on April Fool's Day 9am-6pm, then it will air on the weekends from 9-10am (and 10-11am on Sundays only).

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#9Preparation_HPosted 2/25/2005 9:11:26 PM
That is good news.
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#10Preparation_HPosted 3/17/2005 8:21:13 PM
*auto save*
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