Revival 9 (Winter/Ocarina Topic)

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I'm scared to eat chocolate, now.
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*Oca giggles*

Chocolate Sailor: What happened to him?!

Grim: That's why we're here, Mistah Sailor man.

Mandy: Billy ate all your chocolate.

Chocolate Sailor: One kid ate 10 thousand units?! He ain't human!

Mandy: Not anymore he ain't. It turned him into solid chocolate, and he's so delicious he couldn't keep from eating himself.

*Billy licks his giant nose*

Mandy: Now all that's left is his big chocolate head. We need an antidote.

Chocolate Sailor: It happens every time!! How can I have a proper crew if they always eat themselves?! Hoist them up, sailor!

*other sailor is also just a head*

*sailor head bounces and cranks hoist up*

*Grim, Mandy and Billy are now aboard chocolate boat*

Chocolate Sailor: Why should I give you the antidote?

*Billy points the finger he was pointing*

Chocolate Sailor: YEOW!! My finger!


*Billy chases Chocolate Sailor around, trying to bite him*

Chocolate Sailor: Yow! Get away! Alright, alright! I'll give you the antidote!

*Chocolate sailor goes to treasure chest*

*he opens the chest and pulls out a box of candy*

*he brings the box to the others*

Chocolate Sailor: Now Billy, this is a very important assortment of enchanted chocolates. But you can only choose one. Now choose wisely, Billy, for only one contains the antidote. Will it be: Caustic Caramel Creme; Horrific Hazelnut; Mutating Marshmallow; or... Antidote.

Billy: Caustic Caramel Creme, Horrific Hazelnut, Mutating Marshmallow, or... Antidote. Hmm... *eats all four*

Chocolate Sailor: Sweet gobs! No one's ever eaten the whole dang assortment!!

*Billy starts to shake*

*Billy expands to ten times his size*

*Billy explodes into chocolate syrup, covering everyone*

Chocolate Sailor: Bah, start swabbin' tha poop deck.
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*cut to later*

Oca: Oh, not yet.

Mandy: Even though Billy's gone, sometimes I feel like he's right here with us.

*Grim squirts chocolate syrup on his ice cream*

Grim: Eh. He's in a better place.

*zoom in on syrup bottle*

*Billy is on the label*

Billy: I like chocolate.

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Okay, then.
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*Grim Adventures is over*

*up next: Johnny Test*

Oca: Meh.
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Oca: What do you wanna do now?
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What time is it?
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(lol already forgetting what's gone on in their world)

Oca: Well, not quite dinner time yet. We've got time to kill then.
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