Your Favorite / least Favorite tracks and cars

#1j19000Posted 4/18/2009 3:58:17 AM

It's an impressive game for it's time, and with only seven tracks (including the bonus course) and eight cars, I liked the PSX version more than the regular PC version despite the fact that the graphics in the PSX version were nowhere near as good as the PC, however, the PSX version had a lot more to offer - rally racing, changable times of racing, a super car (bonus) etc.

Here are my track rankings anyway (best to worst)

Alpine - Coastal -Autumn Valley - City - Vertigo Ridge - Rusty Springs - Lost Vegas

Alpine is pure genius, especially segment 2 (memories from first play in 1996) as well as Coastal which also brings back memories. Autumn Valley is also great for beginners and nfs1 fans alike, City gets better by the segment and Vertigo Ridge is quite nice for a quick race. I hate the other two tracks -

Best Car: Obviously the Warrior

Worst Car: Mazda RX-7