some Defects ( Ammunition - Voice )

#1saif627Posted 2/17/2009 2:32:29 AM
this game is Great game it's like super robot F and 2,3 in system of decreasing in weapon when yiu fight in abattle I mean for example : weapon number 1500 increase from enemy about 3000to4000 , 2000 increase 3500 to 4500 , 3000 increase 6000 to 8000 ....ect .
But I see many Defects annoying me in playing like i see that many weapons depends on Ammunition not EN like roketto panch in mazinger Z , Great mazinger and Grendizer must be infinite not 2 Ammunite ,L-gaim (power ransha) must cost 10 EN not 5 Ammunite. This Game Love to make Weapons be depends on Ammunites epecially number 2 of it.
something else i would like to mension it about voice in Game i see that there Are few characters have voice . it is best to add voice to all character

my hope is to make new super robot taisen s with changes on what i mension on Ps3 or psp