If your a fan of EDM then UMF is streaming live on youtube

#1dadfaqsPosted 3/24/2012 11:12:42 AM

sets streaming on this feed is like

High Contrast
Miss Nine
Mord Fustang

then a few more artists from the stage list

#2dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/24/2012 11:34:27 AM
let see

High Contrast = 8/10
UK style dnb with an MC and American'ts cant appreciate it. Too bad the crowd was awkward as heck

Miss Nine = idk/10
I was eating

Mord Fustang = 6/10
Looks like Skrillex except he has talent.

Zedd = 999999/10
I hate myself for not going to UMF. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER

Yousef = in progress/10
Tech House isn't that bad but these American'ts cant appreciate it.

so far /10
#3dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/24/2012 11:53:29 AM
at 2:45PM they cut into 12 year old girls playing really bad rock music and no one was in the crowd
at 2:50PM they cut into mt. eden and this set is doing pretty good
#4KLouD_KoNNeCteDPosted 3/24/2012 12:15:07 PM
No offense but I just watched it for a few minutes and that was terrible.
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#5dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/24/2012 12:16:52 PM
KLouD_KoNNeCteD posted...
No offense but I just watched it for a few minutes and that was terrible.

was it 2 black people on deck in ultra brazil? that was skream and benga and they were just screwing around playing brostep instead of actual dubstep that they do in their regular shows. Hardwell is up at 3:30PM and i guarantee it will be amazing just because its Hardwell
#6Land Of GamecubesPosted 3/24/2012 4:53:38 PM
well if it's ultra it's gotta be at least halfway decent, lol
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#7dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2012 9:33:52 AM
more wubwubs which sucked ass

theere was laidback luke with a guest apperance with chuckie which was easily 10/10
hardwell just destroyed everything
more wubwubs
the stream just started switching between fatboy slim and carl cox and it was literally a blast to the past
i was not able to watch avicii or datsik perform because i went to a party

day 3
right now at the time of posting Eco is doing a phenomenal trance set
#8dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2012 11:21:16 AM
marcus schussow was playing a redic trance set AS USUAL

watching bingo players on the main stage. this is like zedd 2.0 GODDAMN OH MY GOD
#9dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2012 12:06:30 PM
this cazzette set is pretty bad not gonna lie
#10dadfaqs(Topic Creator)Posted 3/25/2012 1:27:50 PM
asian god himself (steve aoki) is raging p hard