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8 years ago#1
I remember back in the day, fairly soon after this game was released, Gar was woking on his translation, and everything was good with the world..... (sigh). But seriously, I want to play this game again soon; I'm still yet to find a better steam-punk strategy rpg!
I wonder if anyone will stumble across this......
8 years ago#2
I discovered this game through ABe's art. Is there a fan translation?
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8 years ago#3
Yes, Gar3 wrote a really great translation guide. The board was reasonably active around the time when he was working on it.

Have you played the game then?
8 years ago#4
Although I still plan to re-tool the translation a bit, unfortunately it has now been pushed back until next summer (when I finally truly purchase a new laptop . . . no, really. I mean it this time, heh, heh).

But, yes, SEGA needs to bring this one out again. At the very least a quick port to the DS or PSP or Wii would yield them some cash so I'm unsure of the exact reasons why it hasn't. Hmm. Heck just rip-off the translation here and slap it into the game with a few tweaks. Works for me.
8 years ago#5
Hey gar, good to see you still around. Your translation is great regardless, it seems like a real labor of love! And yeah, I agree, a DS or PSP port would be fantastic.
8 years ago#6
Good to see you here too, blueheat.

There's always places to polish, though. Some times when I play through parts of it the translation can come off as "too wooden" and that's totally my fault for adhering to a "as literal as a translation as I can get away with" policy. Plus I'm very sure at this point there's a small untranslated section at "The Gallows" part. Unsure whether it pops up if the section is completed faster or slower within a certain timeframe but I've gotten individual reports from players over the years that they thought something was amiss there. Hmm.

Meh, I blame my wife ;-)
8 years ago#7
Do you have any idea how many people have used your translation? I'm just curious as to how many people have played this game.
I fully intend to play through the game again sometime in the next year or so, as I'm currently living in Japan and studying the language, so I'm eager to see how I'd get on with it now. I couldn't even read the menus back when the game first came out!
8 years ago#8
Way back when it was first up on GameFAQs and, I would reckon there were at least two dozen message board posters who were actively playing the game with the translation between the two sites. Before the thing went up I used to post completed sections here on the game board itself and there were probably a half dozen or so who were my "beta" team, heh, heh. In the years following I tend to get about six e-mails a year from gamers thanking me for the walkthrough after stumbling across it here on the site. In fact my last "thanks" e-mail was just this past April 8th from a guy who had played the game originally when it was released without the translation and was now playing it again with the aid of it :-)

I also Google "Wachenroder Translation" every couple of months just to see, one, if anyone is misusing the thing (it is part of my wife's freelance translator resume after all) and, two, if anyone is talking about it. I'm such an egomaniac that I just have to know :-X
8 years ago#9
Ha ha, I don't blame you, I'm sure I'd do the same!
8 years ago#10
No one else likes this game then?
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