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8 years ago#1
Does anyone actually like tails?
8 years ago#2
I do. :D

He was my fave for several years until I saw that Sonic actually embodies pretty much every ideal I life for.

But. Tails would make a better friend. <3
Don't dream it...
... be it.
8 years ago#3
I prefer(in order)
Also the super sonic music in sonic 2 was waaay better than sonic 3's super sonic music.
8 years ago#4
I found both to be pretty annoying. :\

Also, live for. Not life. Oops.

Don't dream it...
... be it.
8 years ago#5
I got this when i was like....8 or so,i think.Also has anyone played sonic cd?Doesnt metal sonic just completely rule?
8 years ago#6
Also hello,its nice to meet you.
8 years ago#7
Yaaay, Metal Sonic. Stardust Speedway was my favorite zone. It was like Starlight for Sonic 1.
Don't dream it...
... be it.
8 years ago#8
Me too,metal sonic rules.It was so cool when they were racing across that rollercoaster-with-spikes thing.
Awesome stuff.
8 years ago#9
Topic needs a bump.
And more metal sonic.
8 years ago#10
Yes. Because, the topic was almost swallowed up by the second page!

Don't dream it...
... be it.

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