VPW2 + VPW64 not working

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User Info: slaughterlord

9 years ago#1
hi i just recieved a few imports in the mail (virtual pro wrestling 64 + 2) and i have a modified PAL console and so i put these games in and they dont work and i have no idea why.. they are clean and i thaught that if you got rid of the dust flap and they fit in.. they would work but when i turn it on it just flashes like a dirty game.. i just dont understand because i thaught the nintendo 64 didnt have region coding

User Info: Cyclone1984

9 years ago#2
All you need is a Gameshark 3.0

User Info: slaughterlord

8 years ago#3
i have since resolved the problem by buying a usa n64

but to cyclone your "answer" was wrong.. i have gameshark 3.0 and that didnt work either

the only way to play us on eur is using a passport 3.0 but getting a us n64 was cheaper

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