Damn it's been a long time since we've partied.

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You know, it IS actually possible to change someone's mind. o_o It's just really difficult and unlikely, but, it's possible. I've seen it happen. But I guess you could just say if they were able to have their mind "changed" it was never truly against the idea to begin with, which turns the whole thing into some sort of philosophical jazz.

And I'm not sure nissan is hateful towards you because you didn't give him the attention he wants - I've seen girls give him the attention he wants, and he still hates them. >_> Just kinda hates all females. And most other people. And anyone with a circle of friends. He's definitely not fond of cliques. Or mods. Or people with old accounts. Or anyone with a driver's license. Or people who breathe. Or people who're dead.

At any rate, I suppose we can conclude the Zora talkings by saying you obviously have some sort of magical power. A magical negativity dispersion field. Which just proves my theory about women having psychic powers. You could probably just walk into the center of a dispute, give a disapproving glance to the participants, and through that alone completely diffuse the situation. :o
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'gratz peeps, this is the best topic on the WonderSwan.

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