Really Disapointed with the FAQS for this game

#1r41n_m4k3r11Posted 3/21/2011 1:24:17 PM
Just so everyone knows, the information level of this game is horrible. The difference between games A and games B is that game B starts you off on level three, instead of level one. You also do NOT get extra lives every 100,000 points as the FAQS say. You get an extra life at 20,000 points, my average score is around 223,000 a round so as far as I know the only life you get is at 20,000. Also the game is NOT short, the levels repeat and you "rescue" DK Sr but as the levels repeat it gets harder and harder. Trust me if you make it all the way past level 5 your doing something lol. So come on people, if your going to write FAQs get the info RIGHT!!!!!!!!