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8 years ago#1
With Valentine's Day 2 days away and my knack for self-deprecation, might as well =P

Crushing over 2 girls, one I have a chance with and might possibly like me back, the other one barely knows me.
8 years ago#2
Getting closer to a hug from one of them, the other still doesn't care <_<
8 years ago#3
Nothing. Nothing at all, seriously.
8 years ago#4
They deported me =X
8 years ago#5
Again, nothing. As usual.
8 years ago#6
One hates me now. Long story.
8 years ago#7
Nothing new.
8 years ago#8
Nothing new. Both are in the musical.
8 years ago#9
No progress.
8 years ago#10
Ni progress, one's in France atm.

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