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What games have you played today? (Archived)
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captainmurphy72765/20 5:56PM
You all cannot comprehend my visits to the Dark Tower (Archived)Kaliesto18/15/2013
DARKFlRE (Archived)IMADV8106/25/2013
Sooo, what do you guys do here? (Archived)Little_Ishida66/16/2013
I have come to visit this Dark Tower. (Archived)
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As the sole surviving member of Dark Tower. This board is under new management. (Archived)k darkfire32/18/2013
*Pays a visit to Dark Tower Again* (Archived)Kaliesto42/7/2013
You're the worst, man (Archived)captainmurphy7227/1/2012
I hope ye fiends are doing well in life. (Archived)k darkfire25/20/2012
I'm still here (Archived)
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I wished I could think of something to say,something sympathetic,something human (Archived)rep_HC12/17/2012
I sincerely hate some people at the gamefaq boards... (Archived)rep_HC72/17/2012
Avada.... (Archived)rep_HC41/9/2012
Who here remembers me? (Archived)SwordMaster13X312/9/2011
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came (Archived)
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video of me... (Archived)rep_HC310/22/2011
Doctor Who (Archived)IMADV8510/16/2011
What games you all playin? (Archived)
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ATTN: Nothing has Changed in Regards to Board Ownership (Archived)
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Post stuff and I will probably MS Paint it (Archived)
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