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8 years ago#1
Ok all you hackers out there that can do all the crap that i cant.

I am sick of trying to get susanmon in the captive dungon with only one hp. its gettin me mad enough to want to break my controller. so i seek a have all digivolvion (pardon the bad spelling) code for the codebreaker so that i can quit fooling around and start getting the sig weapons.
8 years ago#2
I made a video for captive dungeon very hard mode. Why don't you watch it?
The link to my channel is in my signature, and the captive dungeon vids are my oldest vids.
No one's gonna give you any cheatcode. There are no cheaters around here.
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8 years ago#3
dude thats a load o bull. I know there are people cheatin a lot worse then what i am lookin for trust me as for the vid. i would watch it but because i am running dial up its pain stakingly slow and dosent load videos well. I can make it to the boss of captive dungon but get killed every time.
8 years ago#4
There are almost no people who cheat in DW4.
And if ou can make it to the boss with 1 HP, then equip a Meteor Board Gamma, put 1 wisdom chip in your weapon, and one in your core, and then spam your blast MP tech. It should be at least on Giga if possible.
If I had more infos about your digimon and all that stuff I could also give a more detailed answer.
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8 years ago#5
Man you just need to train and train or use Impact on Scorpiomon over and over until he dies
Easiest way for me -.-
Resorting to cheating is the worst way to go >.>
8 years ago#6
yeah i know its a cheap way to go but sometimes i dont have a choice... being born with an attation defecit hyperactive disorder, i cant sit still for long so that is why i sometimes use a code to unlock a few of the harder things that i cant manage to get on my own...
8 years ago#7
Excuses... pathetic
Its called being smart, not being cheap >.>
Ideal ways to beat Scorpiomon with 1 Hp
Impact, Venom, Shot, Stabbing the hell out of him
Anything but cheats
8 years ago#8
*dances around* I did it! i did it! i finally beat that freakin dungeon. I got in there with weregarurumon and just kept impacting his ass till he fell!

oh an star you can call it an excuse but that dosent make it any less fake... truth be told i hate being adhd, makes it hard for me to do anything at times because i get really hyper lol but it also helps cause i can sometimes play games all freakin night lol
8 years ago#9
Yaaay! I knew you could do it! :D
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8 years ago#10
not to be a smart*** or anything but, ADHD is only but a mental disorder. it may be hard but, control over your mental psyche can help you snap out of your hyperactivity, works wonders for me.
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