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5 years ago#1
is it harder to level the stab tech with mega forms? i been using wargreymon for 5 hours and it only raised to 2
5 years ago#2
I don't believe so, but here is a tip. The more enemies, the better your chances of teching up. My recommendation is this. Go to the goblin fortress and into the guard room. By constantly entering and exiting that room, you can face all the goburimon you want. Its great because like 10 goburimon can come at you at once, so if you have a weapon with a lot of range, you can tech up very quickly. Sadly, stab has a bad hit box range, atleast the single handed one. Its pretty bad, so if I were you, I'd tech up and then switch to the two handed stab weapons. Much better range, but for now, do this. Everytime you enter the room, let them appear and actually run around them. Don't attack them all at once, especially for the stab single handed weapons. once you have them in a huge pile, start stabbing like crazy. If you did this right, you'd be stabbing about 5 at one time, and if it starts to get to much, run and repeat. (this works great with wargreymon's mp tech, sleep, as well) This is how I work on tech up and its amazing. At first, it will be slow, in fact, all the digimon are like that. But once you reach 12, it goes up pretty fast. Sooner or later, you will be teching up about 12-15 time each time you enter the room. And to make things better, you will level up pretty quickly. I think you get like 3000 exp each time you kill everything in that room in normal mode. 8000 in hard, and then 24000 in very hard mode, so when you start training, you know where to go.
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5 years ago#3
But ideally, if you hit more then one enemy, you have a better chance of teching up. Here are some tips.

1. For weapons that arent as fast as stab or slash, or don't have a great range or hit box, the spinning attack, which you can do with all the weapons, is great. Its a life saver when you are surrounded, and attacks multiple enemies at once and it will count as stab, shot, blunt, whatever weapon you are holding, when you tech up.

2. Its great to update the weapons, but, lower attack stats is better for tech up training. Ideally, the purpose of teching up is to get the better weapons, but the truth is, when you are too strong and you kill them quickly, you lower your chances of teching up. Teching up isn't base on kills, but hits. The weaker you are, the more times you hit them, so when you can trade up for a better weapon, don't throw away your weaker weapons in case you have to tech up more later.

3. MP tech up applies the same way. The more enemies, the better. For WarGreymon, if you want to tech up impact from petty to mega. to etc., the goblin fortress guard room is perfect. If I were you, I'd focus on teching this up a lot. Sleep, try to hit get as many enemies under the spell and repeat. For heal, cure, resist, and power up, I recommend you train that at one of those healing pads in the dungeons like the ancient ruins in dry land, *cough- on the first floor and infinite mummymon* You just keep using the technique and when you run out, step on the pad, it returns, and repeat. By the time you reach about lvl 113, you should be able to get infinite on all of them (the highest lvl to reach for mp techs)

4. If you are sick of the goburimon training method (due to the accursed loading time), move on to dry land and train with the the scorpion things. If you don't destroy the towers, they will just keep on coming back. They are easy to kill, and its a great way to level up. But beware, they poison. So if I were you, I'd teach wargreymon cure. I believe you do that by teching up heal aura to 331? Otherwise, another great place to tech up. Personally, I still prefer the goblin place because its more enemies, so teching up is easier, unless they die to fast. and finally, the mummymon in ancient ruins. Sadly, the scorpion thing isn't infinite, and even if you don't destroy the towers, they will stop and destroy it self, but on the first floor of the dungeon, there are two areas where the mummymon are literally infinite, as long as you don't destroy the regenerating tower. With a healing spot this place to train impact, *hint- hint* but its flaw is this. Only 4 mummymon appear at one time, which doesn't make tech up training ideal, but it still works.
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5 years ago#4
5. If you can, boost up your speed. The fear is doing these training and dying, but I recommend these because its pretty easy. But the higher the speed, the least likely you will get hit and you will auto-block more frequently. adding the defense rom ability chip increases this as well. Find weapons with mods and equip this. P.S. if you do the mummymon training, do not equip your weapons with fire medals. They will light up and their attacks double in damage.

6. Double handed weapons are better. Just that. More hit box range and higher attack. If you are training stab, go for the Dbl Rapier when you tech to 210. In fact, train all your weapons to this tech, as its normally when you can use two handed weapons.

7. This isn't about teching up, but if you plan to main wargreymon, work on crush too. Its his specialty, which means as you gain level, the access to shop will feature mostly crush weapons, making it easier to get stronger weapons. Shot, to me, is important because impact is short range for a blast attack, and when you get to venom jungle, you'll see how annoying it is without it. However, if you play multiplayer mode, its great, because the shop will feature multiple weapons types, including shots rather then just your specialty.

8. Fair warning and this applies to all digimon. If you have an incredibly high lvl digimon, and you have a weapon tech that is 1, it would then literally take an hour to get one tech. I learn that mistake, and with stab as well. If you plan on making wargreymon tech up a lot in all weapons types, tech them up to atleast 90 before focusing on one or three of them for completing the game.

Hope this helps.
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5 years ago#5
may i bow to you? lol
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5 years ago#6
More like I should bow to you for actually reading the whole thing. Lol.
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5 years ago#7
"The mother of all wars has begun! The streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers!"

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