What a prolific graveyard.

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3 years ago#21
circle the wagons!
3 years ago#22
But I want the circle of life!
3 years ago#23
I want Mufasa. We can't all have what we want.
Don't get mad, get gllad.
3 years ago#24
Not with that kind of attitude you wont'.
3 years ago#25
I want what I want
And I want it now
You mean this great big world
Doesn't revolve around me?
slowbeef: Is this supposed to make me afraid of Crystal Boy? Because his name is still Crystal Boy.
Retsupurae on Cobra, a space adventure of tattoos and feet.
3 years ago#26
Short answer. Nope.
A new Captain has appeared.
3 years ago#27
That's the death thing? Thanks for playing King's Quest V? It's like thanks for buying our product, here's a BS death.
~~slowbeef on this million dollar game.
3 years ago#28
What's the long answer?
\\//\\// Real life would be better with an undo function.
/_/\_\/_/\_\ xx521xx
3 years ago#29
A new Captain has appeared.
3 years ago#30
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  3. What a prolific graveyard.

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