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6 years ago#1
I give up. I've been looking for a good text/hex editor to help me change the text in my ROM of the gba magi-nation but most hex editors are either for the snes or nes or just too complicated. I did find one program that might do the job but i still need to figure some things out.

Anyway if someone else wants to to translate the japanese to english(actually the text is exactly the but but in different languages so there wouldn't be much translating) be my guest. Because we want that english version!
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6 years ago#2
I poked around in a hex editor and found this:

That's an English text-dump of the game, in the Japanese ROM. The text I found starts at 00733AC8 if you want to find it yourself. I couldn't find a way for it to look for Japanese text though, but this is an interesting find.

(Good) Hex editors are supposed to be platform-agnostic, since the idea is to look at a binary file (like a compiled program, or in this case, a ROM) and be able to directly input data.
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6 years ago#3
I did a little poking around myself with some hex editors and I found a lot of english text, which shows that they had it prepared for the translation, they just never did it. The thing I couldn't figure out was where the japanese text to replace it with was.
6 years ago#4
Oh and BWIceSoldier, the link in your sig is awesome. I'm adding it to my favorites!
6 years ago#5
The Japanese just uses a different table file, like so many games before the DS era. I think I've finished it.

But wow, it definitely appears as though the English text in the GBA game is dumped word for word from the GBC game except Tommy has been renamed Dan.
6 years ago#6
You mean Tony.

And huh, that's interesting. Wonder how easily someone could hack the font and point to the script...
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6 years ago#7
On a slightly related note, I found a spanish translation of the GBC game that tweaked the message engine a bit to display names in a different color. It also added a couple characters to the pallete, including the upside-down exclamation/question marks, a smiley face, and the bracket quotation marks.

It won't help much with the GBA version, but I want to figure out how they did it.
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6 years ago#8
The GBC version would be a lot easier to hack for language especially since the tiles for the lettering are a lot easier to find. You would just have to make sure that the value that you're trying to use for a new character isn't some control code.
Just looking through the GBA file, I couldn't find the font graphics, but going through the script, I did find all of the used values. The text areas are wonderfully clean, so the control codes and pointers are at least not embedded in them. is a folder of all of the Japanese text of the GBA game. For some reason, Block 2 is "too big" to share their way, but you can still read it there.
There is one value used in the text that I couldn't really figure out: 0x2D. It displays as a regular space, but it's only used about 5 or so times in the text area and there is already another more used space value. It's not special in my text files, so you won't really know about it.

Looking at the English text in the GBA game again, they seem a bit inconsistent. Dan is used heavily throughout as the main character name, but there is a peppering of Tonys here and there.
If desired, I could rip out the English texts from both the GBA and GBC games, but were I to do so, I would remove the Japanese text folder and put up a comparative spreadsheet instead.
6 years ago#9
That didn't make much sense, but if it could make a translation then I vote for it!
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6 years ago#10
I wish you guys some serious luck if you can manage to make the japanese GBA remake a Translated Rom. I always wanted to play it.
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