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6 years ago#461
Thanks. Glad you guys liked it.

There will be an update this week, I misread my calendar and a journey I have planned is until next, next weekend.
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6 years ago#462



It had been years since Rough felt like that. In such control of things. Relaxed, yet focused on what to do. Confident that in the end it would all work out. And with so much energy and power it frightened him. It was amazing that Tallon felt that way every so often, with his Superform and all...

But around those thoughts shadows of doubts and fears began to form. He realised the boost in energy was only temporal, but still turned around to thank Tallon for the help.

A second after turning around, Nicholai’s giant mech shot again the purple beam that destroyed the remaining tank. Rough quickly tried to put his hand in front of the hedgehog, but he wasn’t fast enough and about half of the beam engulfed Tallon.

This single moment made Rough understand several things at once, and again scared the crap out of him that Tallon and Ayitak (and to some extent Kiro) were familiar with the thinking’s speed.

The bear tried to scream, but realized he had no mouth in this form. He also felt no pain, even if his right hand was reduced to a crisp after the beam was gone. Rough noticed how Tallon had had the chance to brace himself somehow, because he was still in one piece. With severe body burns, but still alive.

The scientific mind of Rough finally understood how the Weissritter’s beam worked. At first he thought it was a tremendous electrical discharge, variable in size as Flame’s body proved; but this theory was discarded when the attack wasn’t stopped by his hand. If his armour was all earth, then why had his hand burnt? Electricity should not be conducted through earth.

So then there was only one other explanation: plasma. Unleashed ions willing to react with anything on their way, causing the effect of being burnt. That also explained why Flame’s fire was able to fend it off for a moment, but how the rifle was able to direct such amount of them in a single line was something he didn’t know. It was clear that the Weissritter required insane amounts of electrical power to work: powering the rifle, flying, the magnetism that immobilised Eternity... maybe the mech had a nuclear reactor on its body. But if that was the case, it was a tremendously dangerous foe.

More earth began to cover the gigantic hand and it soon returned to its new shape. Rough clenched his fists and noticed the absolute control he had on this colossal form. He turned around and faced Nicholai, who taunted him into attacking.

“How about this, monster?!”

Rough’s Colossus Form ran towards the Weissritter. The giant rifle shot, but Rough moved to his left and dodged the purple beam. The Weissritter raised its rifle and shot once again, this time to the right. Rough dodged again, shortening the distance between them. Nicholai shot to the left one more time and Rough simple moved aside. Now that he was in front of him, he punched the mech’s chest one, two, three, four times before it raised a leg and kicked the Earth Colossus square in the chest. Pushed back, Rough clenched, and the Weissritter quickly punt the rifle on his forehead and shot with all its power.

The attack sent Rough all the way back to the opposite side of the room, and as earth began to cover the missing chunks of armour, the bear saw that the chest piece of the mech’s armour was a lid, and it was dented. A yellow light came out of it, and after staring at it, Rough realized the true nature of the Weissritter’s power source.

My God... what is THAT doing here?!

6 years ago#463
Rough shook his head and understood what to do. Nicholai laughed and taunted him again, calling him a genetic aberration. Rough ignored him, knowing that his powers were because of the X-Gem and not genetic, and once again ran towards the Weissritter. The mech shot to his right shoulder, but Roughed moved aside. And just when he thought the next shot would be to his left, the Weissritter shot to the right again, and this time vaporized the right arm of the Collosus.

Rough jumped back, cursing. Nicholai laughed at the ridiculous form of his opponent and grinned, deciding to end the fight once and for all. He aimed at him with the rifle and started to type the sequence for maximum power.

Rough’s armour recovered as he saw the purple thunderbolts coming out of the rifle aiming at him, and understood that this would be Nicholai’s final attack on him. He focused, trying to amass as much as the energy Tallon had given him as possible on his fists and began running towards the Weissritter.

The mech shot when the Earth Colossus was halfway towards it. The purple beam was big enough to even engulf Rough’s form completely, and it was an attack so powerful that it destroyed half of the armour instantly. But despite its force Rough covered his face and kept going. At first, it felt like running with a gust of wind against him, but as he kept going and the damage on the armour grew, he advanced less and less.

Understanding what had to be done, Rough jumped forwards with all his strength. More and more pieces of the armour began to disintegrate, but somehow he was still moving forwards. Nicholai saw this from inside the mech and screamed, removing restrains and letting the Weissritter shoot with even more power.

But Rough also screamed, and in the moment the purple beam reached all the output it could have, the armour began to return to normal. Losing his knees, shoulders, arms, legs, chest and head, the Colossus Armour became the Titan armour again, but even then Rough was still screaming, moving forwards from that jump. In the moment before even that armour was gone, Rough punched the Weissritter’s rifle, destroying it like if it had been hit with a nuke. The same punch kept going and hit the mech’s chest, crushing it against the wall of Level 2 and finally removing the lid.

To Nicholai’s horror, the Weissritter turned off, and in front of him, the polarbear fell to the ground, landing with a loud *THUD*, but with the main energy source of the Weissritter on his hand: a yellow/orange stone with a thunder encrusted inside.


Ok, next week confirmed as break week. Hopefully the last before the arc ends.

This is Nicholai we’re talking about, don’t even think for a moment he’s done.

6 years ago#464
Hey...Looking back, this topic will have been around for two years come June...
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6 years ago#465


52 weekly updates... simple, right? **ck, what the hell happened to me? There weren't even that many break weeks!
You don't have to be the first, just the first to be successful---Anon
6 years ago#466
Haha, it's been a good stretch though man. And we're right at the end now right? Only a few more updates. HH has the next Arc right?
"Some people think they can outsmart me...Maybe...*sniff* maybe...I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet..." ~ Heavy
6 years ago#467
he does indeed if he can be arsed

admittedly i wrote a huge load off buffer updates that got del'd when my computer fritzed.
6 years ago#468



The Weissritter used an X-Shard as power-source.

That fact was the sole reason the weapon could not be mass produced, why it was an above-top secret project, and why it would never leave Haven as long as Nicholai Kreutzer was in charge (the position being a lifelong didn’t help).

And ultimately, it was why it had been defeated.

Rough fell to the ground head first, still clenching the yellow stone. When he removed the Shard from the mech’s chest, it suddenly stopped moving and the magnetic field keeping Eternity and everyone’s weapons stuck on the walls or floor disappeared. The bear was lying down face up, completely exhausted from his new transformation, but still smiling because of his victory.

Making an incredible effort, Rough stood up. His heavy breathing and sweating mixed with his wide smile was quite a sight, but Tallon was out cold, Shirahime was with Ikiru and Karin, and Spencer was helping Eternity stand up. Laughing at how his victory was being ignored, he simply shaped his right hand in the “V” sign.

But an enormous tremble behind him froze the expression on his face. The Weissritter started to shake and slowly pulled itself from the wall. This time, the mech was standing on its feet instead of using electricity from his wings to float. Its movements were, somehow still swift, but his right arm, the one with the rifle, was destroyed.


The crazed voice of Nicholai filled Level 2. Rough cursed, clenching his teeth. He was sure that, now that the Thunder X-Shard had been removed from the Weissritter, it would have deactivated, but then he looked at the mech’s chest and his heart skipped a beat, horrified.

There was a second X-Shard on it. Somehow Haven had got ahold of the two X-Shards Ace lacked to complete his X-Gem and had managed for a machine to activate their powers without a living being as user.

But it was ridiculous. So far, since these adventures as part of the Dawn Warriors started, he had been told that only “Chosen” people could activate the elemental powers inside the shining gems; and now he had discovered that there were people in the world (like the Marauders) who didn’t even need the Gems to have powers. But artificially activating the gifts of the X-Gems?

And besides, the smash from the Earth Colossus should have, at least, damaged the machine. What the hell? The only plausible explanation was that the attack had had an effect, and that Nicholai was forcing it into overdrive. If so, it was only a matter of time before the mech stopped definitely, either due malfunction or complete breakdown.

But that “matter of time” couldn’t come soon enough, because the Weissritter raised its leg and put the foot over Rough, menacing to squash him like a bug. The bear tried to move, but even if he tried with all his might, his muscles refused to move. He tried and tried, but he was only squirming around. He got mad at his own body for disobeying him and even shouted, but none of his limbs moved an inch.

The Weissritter’s foot came down like a judge’s mace delivering the result of a trial: fast and powerful. Rough shouted one last time, mad because he thought this was a lousy way to go.

But if Flame had been killed, who was he to fight? They had been, after all, kids playing heroes. Teenagers who had gone way over themselves in a “rescue” missi—

A meter above Rough, the metallic foot of the Weissritter stopped and the sounds of metal clashing made Rough open his eyes. He looked at Eternity, who had both arms up holding the weight of the Weissritter.

“Move. I’ll take it from here.” Eternity said.

“Get’im, rustbucket.”

6 years ago#469
Truth to be told, Rough had never been happier to see Eternity, but he prayed that the hot, wet sensation on his legs was sweat or robot oil. Before they could talk more, Spencer came in and pulled the bear’s body aside. He was out of the mech’s foot’s shadow when Eternity fell to his knees, the weight being too much for him to handle.

Inside the Weissritter, Nicholai crazed laughter started again. He saw how Eternity had saved the bear, but had doomed himself in the process. He commanded the Weissritter into smashing Eternity, but instead of hearing the explosion of the robot under the weight of tons of metal, an alarm ran off, and the green screen with a diagram of the Weissritter’s parts on his side showed the right leg blinking in red.

Nicholai looked below, and saw a gigantic stalactite going through the mech’s knee. Ice was forming around it, and frost started to appear too.

Nicholai looked up to the other side of the room, and saw the hedgehog girl with her harm extended staring at him with eyes filled with tears, but emanating such anger that would have made any ordinary man fall to their knees, begging for forgiveness.

But Kreutzer was no ordinary man, and in response to such stare he busted out laughing.

“Girls like you should have better manners, girl. Even IF YOU ARE A FREAK!”

“**ck off and die” Shirahime answered.

A punch. A kick. Any form of attack from the Weissritter and the girl would be squashed, killed quickly, but painfully. Nicholai’s anger exploded again and the Weissritter began to walk forward. The damage of the Ice Spear was massive, and the Weissritter’s leg would become junk, but as long as the Power Source kept working, Nicholai knew the mech would keep moving.

Unbeknown to the wolf, Eternity was standing on the giant foot, trying to reach for the Ice foothold.

6 years ago#470
Sorry guys. I'm gonna need one more day to finish the update.

You don't have to be the first, just the first to be successful---Anon
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