Grand Theft Auto

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8 years ago#1
thsi game seems like the biggest thign ever from all the hype

honestly i have never played a single GTA game in my life

i see its like free roaming and shooting ppl and stuff, is it fun and addictive? i would like to hear some comments from u guys like sonny n bill

if its good i might get a ps3 at long last ive been sayin i woudl get one for like a year but wii and nds have kept me satisfied so far
no it off now k thx
8 years ago#2
i saw it got a perfect score on IGN but the reviews are 7 pages!!!!!!!11 theres no way i will bother to read that. can someone sum up the game in like a medium length post for lazy old me
no it off now k thx
8 years ago#3
My feelings are summed up perfectly here:
Fire Pro ZOMG:
House O' Fire Pro:
8 years ago#4
i wonder what kind of replies u get if u pu tthat on the 360 GTA board
no it off now k thx
8 years ago#5
I could post it.
8 years ago#6
nevermind, i just tried out the previous GTA game on PS2 and i dont think its my type of game. i can see why its so popular because theres a lot of freedom and missions and things to do but at my age with a full time job and other things in life this kind of huge open world game gives me a headache just thinking about it
no it off now k thx
8 years ago#7
Gta games bore me.

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