I still love this game and have wished for a real sequel for nearly 20 years now

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Stumbled here and don't know what this is? Want to relive it all? Someone has been working on a perfect recreation flash version of the game:


Yeah, I've tried some of the other efforts at making a new Jones, but none really compare to the original. I've tried:

* Tycoon Jones (flash) - meh
* Joe vs. the Jonses (iphone) - double meh
* Fastlane (iphone) - getting a little closer, but still a poor substitute and unoriginal
* Life Quest (pc/mac) - actually decent production values, but none of the fun atmosphere or addictiveness of Jones

Anyone else think a well-done, perhaps even officially licensed Jones sequel would be awesome? Anyone interested in an in-depth FAQ on this old classic, just for the sake of there being one? Bueller?
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I shall keep this thread alive for however long it requires.
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