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#21threetimesPosted 12/27/2011 5:49:20 AM
I've posted a list of questions on the actual board for the game if you wouldn't mind taking a look. Still no detector and I can't figure out what I'm not doing to get it. I've scoured Metal Maniax for clues and they talk about a quest in the wharf town to defeat some guys and that there's someone in the basement there, but I've not seen that event at all.

I'd be very grateful for your help. Thanks!
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#22Jati_no_Rei(Topic Creator)Posted 12/30/2011 10:31:27 PM
glad I could help with the topic space, threetimes! Always glad to help out a good cause, and MM games are a good cause any day of the week.

As for me, Tactics Ogre PSP finally sucked me in, and I've been having a blast with that (the only reason I'm online now is my PSP is charging), so it may be a while before I get back to MMR, though if I finally get off my couch and hook up my PS2, Metal Saga will certainly get some airtime. Yeah, i need to get around to changing my sig...

and hearing y'all talk about MM2R brings back fond memories of me playing thru the import of SaGa 2's DS remake, which was pretty awesome, but also quite confusing at times, though from the sound of it, the SaGa 2 FAQ was more helpful than the MM2 FAQ has been.
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#23OrzunoidPosted 1/1/2012 3:53:50 PM
If I could get my hands on this game somehow, would it be worth it to play? I love Metal Saga, and I wonder if MS is just an updated version. I played around with the original Metal Max, and that's how it seemed
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#24threetimesPosted 1/4/2012 9:04:41 PM
All the Metal Max games are set in a similar post-apocalyptic world with recurring themes of a Red Wolf/person or tank, bars, show girls, mini-games, dogs, music that's reprised etc. It's pretty impressive how they started off with Metal Max and have continued to make the same kinds of games ever since, even though the more recent ones: MM2R and MM3 are much more sophisticated and complex. All worth playing. :)
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#25BlkBaalPosted 1/28/2012 4:52:39 AM
Nice revival topic! Anyway, speaking of MMR, one of the last wanted (the desert tank one) drop a c-unit. If you enable the special effect of the c-unit, you can't disable it any more, and also you can't attack anymore! How does it work?
#26threetimesPosted 2/2/2012 4:02:12 PM
It's a bit of a mystery. ;)
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7