I can't obtain "WHITEMUU" (Tank #8) in Ghost Base. Why?

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4 years ago#1
I post here question asked in "Answers Rubric" because there is really strange situation in Metal Max Returns. Underneath I copied my and "threetimes" posts from this topic... so if anybody know something else, please help...

["Personida" Q1:]
I can't obtain "WHITEMUU" (Tank #8) in Ghost Base. Why?

Is it glitch or something?

According to "threetimes" walkthrough "WHITEMUU" should be behind locked door opened by "ID Card (o)", but it isn't (there is only empty place of nine squares without tank).

Maybe my level is too high, because before I entered Ghost Base, I spended some time on gaining exp (now I have 45 level for each of my characters) in order to strengthen my team.

If someone know why, please answer me. Thanks in advance.

["threetimes" A1:]
That is very odd. It shouldn't depend on levels at all. I've never heard of such a thing happening. Hmm, maybe there's some trigger to it I don't know about. Did you visit Canabelle first and chat to everyone there? Maybe that might change something...

["Personida" Q2:]
Yes I visit Canabelle and chat with "villagers" twice before (100%!) and twice after I entered Ghost Base. My status before I visited this base was: 37-40 lvl (+/- 2-3 lvl); 14/16 Wanted Enemies (except Salmonella HQ #13 and Bad Valdez #16); I obtained all previous tanks (my team's tanks was Red Wolf, Tiger and Abrams; all tanks with best equipment from Canabelle); I don't remember now my titles; I visited Life Sciences Laboratory and obtained Revivification Capsule; In north-west part of the world I visited Hell's Gate West before I was in Canabelle (However I wasn't in Hell's Gate); I didn't died once. That's all I can concretise. Even now (50 lvl for all characters, 16/16 Wanted Enemies, I just entered Global Relief Centre) "WHITEMUU" wasn't there. I tried also sleep at Canabelle and end game at Dad (then load again file) but it doesn't help.

Can I still obtain "WHITEMUU"? Is there any solution?

["threetimes" A2:]
Maybe post all these details on the board and that might prompt some more replies. It was only chance that I happened to look at this question.

I'm sorry but I really have no clue at all why the tank wouldn't be there. I'm assuming you entered the correct room since there isn't another one that needs the ID card. I'm pretty sure there's no requirement to kill X number of outlaws or reach other places for the tank to be there.

["Personida" Q3:]
So, do you have any other advice?
4 years ago#2
Well, that didn't get too far. I'll try asking someone else who might know. ;)
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#3
I'm not sure if it'll help, but maybe someone will find something useful on these sites:

- Metal Max Returns (SFC) Japanese Help Site [http://metalmaniax.com/index.php?MMR]
- Metal Max (FC) Japanese Help Site [http://metal_max.ffsky.cn/]

I would appreciate if somebody who can speak/write Japanese could check these sites.

Thanks in advance!
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