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4 years ago#1
You have to stay at the inn first. That's it.


I made a save state before entering Audrey and unequipped my weapons from each character. I spoke to no one but her and she shooed me away. I then did a trial and error run, speaking to someone and then her, and then reloading the save state if she still shooed me.

I tried reaching her at the lowest level possible, which is ten. As you can see in the screenshot the only experience I got was from Bionic Pooch and the two Big Cannons (1000 experience each) and the guys at the bar. And with no weapon equipped when I spoke to her my attack was pitiful (I re-equipped everything after she gave me the message about beer).

Another note: you either don't have to fight Mad Muscle, or can fight him and flee to proceed with the game. I haven't tested that yet but I do know I went all the way to Sol (thank you subway system) to buy advanced gear to make the fight a walk in the park.
4 years ago#2
That's an impressive bit of research, and thanks for the email about it. :) It would be so like these games to make the requirement that simple!

However, it occurred to me that it could mean that you have to be at full health, though I have a feeling that most people would be at full health before going into the bar anyway, and I'm sure I was. But just to be 100% certain did you test it by staying somewhere else as well?

Yeah those underground tunnels are brilliant. You can get to the far west too, of course, from Sol.
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4 years ago#3
I healed at Leorad instead and you are correct. I apparently did not do enough research.

I went back and did some more testing. The mechanic's health does not matter but he must be alive. The hunter's current health must be 250 or more. Your max health does not matter; I used the par codes found in another topic to level my hunter to 99 and she would still reject me at 105/9999 health.

Also I would like to thank the developers for limiting acid damage to characters to when you are walking on foot on the overworld. It made testing 249, 250, and 251 health very easy.

Other discoveries: the trigger for the tide around Jizo's Passageway to recede is when you first meet Mr. Muscle and he runs away. You don't have to chase him and definitely don't have to fight him.
4 years ago#4
Since we seem to be the only ones here I might as well throw everything into this topic.

I've been meaning to start adding information to games and this one seems to be an often-forgotten gem so I've decided to start here by making maps. Using the Southern Cave as an example do you think this style would look okay, or should I do it a different way?


If I do it this way I can also upload to MediaFire the maps at a larger scale in a zip file.
4 years ago#5
That's a beautiful map!

Just a couple of minor things. Put a title: name of game and location and add a note (or legend/key) so we know the numbers denote treasure chests/boxes. Sometimes you'll have an item that is hidden and needs searching for, so it's a good idea to distinguish those assuming you're going to do some more maps.

Finally, add your author's name to it and upload it to GameFAQs. That ensures the map is available for anyone, forever! You might have to decrease the kb size of it though.
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#6
So far this is only a rough draft. I would like to finalize my work before I submit it since I also want to learn something from this. I didn't even think of the stuff you mentioned. Thank you very much.

My biggest problem I foresee is filesize. The places that actual need a map (subway, devil's tower, etc) are much bigger than Southern Cave. I did get Southern Cave down to 76kb without doing anything goofy which seems acceptable when I look at other games (not that "what's acceptable" needs to be pushed). However it looks like what I'll need to do is draw abstract shapes and hope others magically understand. And here I was hoping I wouldn't have to draw anything, haha.

I'm still going to continue to map everything in-game for personal use (and then try to find the quickest way to vectorize it and upload that here). In the meantime, here's everything I've done so far:

4 years ago#7
These are fantastic!

Really lovely maps, so clear and they would make a great addition to GameFAQs. In fact I remember someone asking about maps not that long ago and all there is for MMR is the few ASCII maps in my FAQ. And that's including Japanese sites.

You might want to add the date on the maps, when you completed them.

One thing you can do is make the bigger areas into separate files. Say: Floor 1 - Floor 4, Floor 5-Floor 8, or even do a separate map for each floor. Take a look at some I did for other games to see how I split them up. Sometimes it's better to split them into smaller size files than try and cram too much on one page. It's just a matter of careful labelling.

Some examples I did are from Grandia Parallel Trippers or My World My Way. Both have some smaller maps and some big and complicated ones!
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#8
I see you worked out how to get the file size down and retain the detail. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your maps. Congratulations on getting them posted. :)
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
4 years ago#9
Thanks. Working on the rest now. Elevators are a little confusing to convey.
4 years ago#10
Good luck with the tower. All those floors. :O
"As for threetimes, yep, she is a badass mofo faq maker." - ignasia7
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