Kana remake

#1ifritspardaPosted 3/2/2009 6:04:47 PM
What are the chances for an english release?......Patch?........False hope?.....DAMN IT! We either need to get a petition together, or the option that will work much better...get more people aware. They obviously won't even bother to sell it in english unless they're almost assured to get some decent bank off of its release. It would help if the original was made more widely available. What's the news on that english patch someone on the board mentioned? If it was a joke (sad face), but if it wasn't (overwhelming joy!).
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#2Darkling183Posted 3/2/2009 6:41:11 PM
Sadly, KLS itself never did amazing business for G-Collections, as far as I know. It's widely acclaimed, but it didn't sell in huge numbers. KLS was a very early release for G-Collections, when they were still testing the waters to see what would sell.

In the subsequent years, G-Collections turned their attention away from story-heavy games and started releasing more games of the 'sex romp' variety. Shorter games with less text to translate.

Then G-Collections went out of business, and their back catalogue and brand name were picked up by Peach Princess. I guess we should be encouraged by the fact that Peach Princess is choosing to translate Family Project, which is apparently a more story-oriented game.

But the chances of Kana Okaeri being released in English are probably something like 'extremely low' to 'nil'. So I guess the only chance we have is if there's someone out there with a knowledge of programming who could somehow patch KLS's script into Kana Okaeri. Sounds like it would be quite an undertaking, though.
#3Arch_EvilPosted 3/2/2009 6:53:55 PM
Relatively less well-known games (like this) most of the time have a "cult following", which I actually prefer because in my experience cult followings have fans who are much more dedicated (as this game proves). I've always preferred discussing a game with a few dedicated fans rather than discussing a game with dozens/hundreds of overhyped fans. But that's just my opinion, of course.

I've seen the name "Family Project" pop up here every now and then. I think I'll keep my eyes open for it, but a release date still hasn't been announced, has it?

And even though the chances are pretty low, it still would be nice to see Kana Okaeri translated into English. But as Darkling said, it's probably not gonna happen.

So are there any Japanese people on this board who could translate it into English? :P
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#4Darkling183Posted 3/2/2009 7:25:36 PM
Peach Princess don't announce release dates anymore until the game is very close to completion. They've had PR problems because of their constant delays before.

The last I heard (a month or two ago), PP wasn't satisfied with the first translation of Family Project's script, and are working on a more nuanced translation. So the game is probably still something like six months or a year away.

The official PP board is www.otakuism.com/bbs/

As far as I could tell when playing Kana Okaeri, it uses the exact same script as KLS. So it would literally just be a question of ripping the script from the English version of KLS and dropping it into Okaeri somehow (and hopefully fixing some of the typos).
#5JPop4LifePosted 3/3/2009 1:57:08 PM
You know... I've always thought of the idea but I wouldn't want it to happen this way.

There could be a "flash" made version using the script (which would have to be typed manually... and painfully) from KLS and use the pictures and voice from KO.

However... this would be a complete "free" make-up of the game and could draw major legal issues.

I don't think the time to do this is worth the result. I may love KLS a lot, but there's little point in doing it.

Most people I know mostly prefer the KLS version of Kana, they want to have voices and... that's it. It's the same game just with some added experience.

I know that I wouldn't appreciate such a remake. It just seems... wrong, to have it done that way.

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#6ifritsparda(Topic Creator)Posted 3/3/2009 2:15:11 PM
I suppose with some rudimentary hex hacking, it might be possible to edit the script in the ramake...

Oh, and I've heard the voices are very well done and match character perfectly. Of course, I might have a problem with the new art. I'm so used to Kana's look right now that the new version might throw me off kilter.
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#7Arch_EvilPosted 3/3/2009 3:29:07 PM
I'm so used to Kana's look right now that the new version might throw me off kilter.

Me too. I prefer the old graphics over the new ones. The voices could really be a good addition, but they too could throw me off, because in my mind I already have some idea of how the characters' voices would sound like, so hearing voices during the game probably would make the game feel different.

Still, if an English version of Kana Okaeri were ever to released, I think I would give it a try.

A question to anyone who actually has played Kana Okaeri: I've read that during Crescendo there's an Kana easter egg, and you get to see a scene with Kana and Taka in a movie theater or something. I've also listened to how their voices sound like, during that scene. Are they the same voices from Kana: Okaeri, or different voices?
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#8Darkling183Posted 3/3/2009 4:03:08 PM
Another option would be to take KLS and add the Okaeri voices to it? I wonder if the KLS engine would support that. I remember having to turn off the sound effects in KLS because the game wouldn't let me skip to the next line before the sound effect had finished playing.

I've mentioned before that the Okaeri voices were initially jarring to me because that wasn't how I imagined the characters would sound. But I did eventually get used to them, and my opinion might have been different if those voices had been in KLS from the very start.

I wouldn't say that the voices match the characters 'perfectly', but they are well done, for the most part. Kana especially is very good - very emotional when she needs to be.

At one point I did go back to compare the voices in the Crescendo easter egg to the voices in Okaeri. I'm pretty sure I came to the conclusion that it was the same seiyuu (voice actress) for Kana, but a different recording of the line. They may have gotten her in to do the cameo in Crescendo because they had plans for her to do Kana's voice in Okaeri.

As is typical in bishoujo games, Taka is unvoiced in Okaeri.
#9Darkling183Posted 3/4/2009 1:15:15 AM
ifritsparda wrote:

I gave it a look. I don't like the new artstyle. I think part of the reason KLS works so well is becaue the characters are more realistic in their design. The new anime-like retool, especially with Kana and Yumi just really turns me off the whole thing.

I'm kind of excited at the prospect of a sound track I can finally play and voice acting. That's right, KLS fans, as soon as I get the bank together, I think I might import it. I know, I know. Pretty crazy, right? Well, I figure I might as well show support for Kana in any way I can. If that means buying an upcharged remake of a game when I got the original for close to nothing, then so be it. Now....where am I gonna get ahold of 90+ dollars.......?

I think it would be better to show support for the English translation of the game by buying that. It pumps money into Peach Princess so they can continue releasing translated bishoujo games (eg Family Project). It's currently US$25 at JList.

People generally only have problems with the music when they've downloaded a ripped version of the game (which is also why your graphics are censored - the pirated version is the old, censored release of KLS). The music works fine when you have the game CD in your drive, because it plays as CD audio. You can also put the KLS disc in your CD player and listen to the tracks like a regular CD.

The Okaeri character designs are a lot more generic than the KLS character designs, I agree. Kana in particular is very distinctive looking in KLS. In Okaeri, she could be almost any black-haired, brown-eyed bishoujo game character.
#10ifritsparda(Topic Creator)Posted 3/5/2009 8:58:21 PM
Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not made of money. Even a simple 25$ purchase seems unobtainable. I'm guessing after you read that I had mosaics and no music, you assumed I had a pirated version. I don't regret it, btw. I think of it like a trial of the software. If I like it, I'll go and buy the actual software. If I don't, well....that's 30$ that didn't go down the drain.

As for Family Project. I've heard some good things, mostly from you on other posts, but it seems like it's been forever since it's been announced. I just have to ask: Does Family Project contain any ero scenes? If it does, that may turn me away, believe it or not.
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