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For those who still play, how do you use princess and assassin correctly?

#1crazygamer901Posted 7/5/2010 6:45:01 PM
hey i know a bunch of you all talk about how u hate season 2, but for whoever still plays, how do u use assassin and princess to their full potential. I heard that there are skills you can input to make ur bullets have effects, what does it mean and how do i use it? thanks
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#2MasterSaiPosted 8/3/2010 8:23:14 AM

I would like to know as well.
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#3zfstarkPosted 8/5/2010 8:36:51 AM
There are screens between each level load that describe their 'spells'. I managed to screen cap them:

Start powering up and choose your desired power level - after the power has been chosen (and you need to hit the accuracy bar) you can enter the key combo, which will appear just above the power bar.

This doesn't look like an accident...