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Any thing on this game??

Im kinda reluctant to purchase it since there is nothing on it.

MMmmmmm MMmMmM KARMA..
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Cant find anything on this game.

Anyone got any details or better yet have this game??
Hideo Kojima is god.
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I have this game. I just can't really keep playing it because you will need to have an average comprehension of the Japanese language to even understand the huge story.

My japanese skills are just below average and I just found myself sitting there having to watch the story unfold while I can't understand it.

As for the actual gameplay, its not that good and the drifting does not feel natural at all.
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ok, what in the name of all that is ****ing holy is this game about?
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Its a driving game. Touge/drifting on mountains. Looks like and Initial D rip off.
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ohhhh ok
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everyone in here needs to shut your faces.
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Better bump this topic. It's already at the bottom.