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Are the other multiple endings undermined by the true demon ending? *spoilers*uberking42244/20/2015
Need additional help with Matador
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I'm up to Underground Ginza thing. What are some sick fusions I should make?Blue_Inigo74/16/2015
Part 2. of the European version coming to PSNHellsingOrg34/16/2015
(SPOILERS) Past the PoNR? Can't get Star Key for Fifth Kalpa.Kakashifan72754/15/2015
Questions about skills now that I'm at the end game of TDE.DarkRay11794/15/2015
Now that I maxed Str, what should I put points into?DarkRay11744/9/2015
Another question - Magatama skillsPackAttack9124/8/2015
Making a support MCPackAttack9144/8/2015
What's the best ending that isn't an "evil" ending?Solar121474/8/2015
Should I add War Cry and Fog Breath to my Physical MC?DarkRay11774/8/2015
Anyone know how to reach North west area of B1 first Kalpa?DarkRay11734/5/2015
Is there a one more system?PackAttack9194/4/2015
Help and Friendly Advice?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
So which is better, the true demon or freedom end (No spoils plz)DarkRay117103/31/2015
So if I do a physical build, is it just going to be focus>atk,focus>atk?DarkRay11783/23/2015
How glitchy is the PS3 version? Playable or does it have a few in-game glitches?HakuMan11138643/22/2015
Can't beat Red Ridercaleb209583/19/2015
skill changes.sikksakk93/18/2015
Having difficulty understanding some of the plot (Amala Universe). SPOILERSthecrazyfrog93/17/2015
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