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Are there better materials other than the bushido scroll (Archived)PhoenixAge212/27 2:09AM
How long does it take to make every weapon and get to level 99? (Archived)Jabodie18/20/2014
It's about time to bring these back (Archived)hentaispyder55/16/2014
I know this maybe is going to be a dead topic but... (spoilers maybe?) (Archived)Vic1993111/10/2013
One of my favorite games-going for a "break everything" run (Archived)StaphAureus19/20/2013
Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi Translation Project (Archived)blackcatxwx48/7/2013
Uhm... A question... (Archived)Aoi_Kaminari27/24/2013
I hope I didnt offend anyone (Archived)Sedated Cricket75/8/2013
This game is friggin sweet (Archived)Sedated Cricket43/31/2013
Just finished (Archived)fuzzball0148/31/2012
On elemental weapons... (Archived)Zalomar24/8/2012
Are there any character ages given? (Archived)DeuxHero44/6/2012
Exhibition Tips? (Spoilers, probably) (Archived)Silvershadoh23/16/2012
I can't see mystic ore (Archived)Jaump32/9/2012
Sanary never gave it back... (Archived)fuzzball0121/12/2012
Is it just me, or are water materials lacking? (Archived)Dagger_Kirby112/29/2011
Video Walkthroughs are up! (Archived)Saikyo Mog312/2/2011
Never heard of this game till a month ago, got it 2 days ago XD (Archived)narutogamer2411/7/2011
Games with a story like this? (Archived)ICXCIX27/20/2011
Swords like Chave's weapon? (Archived)ItchiTsubasa26/18/2011
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