How to get free Toontown membership for a month.

#1HellMan_25Posted 5/8/2009 8:23:58 AM
1. Go to

2. Sign up.

3. After you signed up, login and click on the Blu-Ray button on top of the screen.

4. You should see a movie. Skip the introduction (there will be a little button that says skip).

5. When you're at the choosing screen, press Play All (you'll see it when you get there).

6. Make another window and do something else for the time the movie plays.

7. After it's done it should say "You have just got 100 points" (refresh to get the 100 points).

8. Now move your mouse over the Membership Benefits (top of the screen) and click the sub-section called Earn Bonus Points.

9. Click on the Take a Survey option when you get there.

10. Do the survey. You can put in whatever you like, it doesn't matter.

11. After you're done, it should say "You have just got 100 points".

12. Go to the Rewards section at the top of your screen.

13. Go to View All.

14. You should find "Toontown Membership 1 Month" somewhere on the first page.

15. Click the picture, then click Claim!

16. You should now have a code. Make a new window.

17. In the new window, type in

18. It will ask you to write down the code. Now go to the other window with the code and copy and paste each part in the corresponding box.

19. Click the OK button beside the code.

20. Voila! You should now have a free membership for 1 Month. I'm not sure if you can keep doing this for unlimited membership, but I will try it out and tell you if you can ASAP.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.

Enjoy! (I got this from YouTube)