Skill Point Distribution FAQ

9 years ago#31
I still find my characters very effective and I only follow builds for Angelo and Jess in this topic (even then, I follow them fairly loosely). Just because you choose not to use the builds described here doesn't mean your characters will be ineffective. However, these builds are much much better than those in the current sticky and I, therefore, commend TheTrueBZ on creating such a topic and hope that it will soon replace the other sticky.
All that is gold does not glitter; all that glitters is not gold
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9 years ago#32
All that is gold does not glitter; all that glitters is not gold
NSGNSNINCNENNENBB (NTQ where possible) & WONO ~ Gui
9 years ago#33
Well, I'm certainly glad I listened to you. I just got to the Ruined Abbey and Yangus learned Thin Air. At this point in the game, I have to say this ability is a little overpowered, considering it deal 35-40 damage per hit and the local baddies average about 50 HP. I can't believe that the other skill FAQ disregards Fisticuffs. >_>
9 years ago#34
9 years ago#35
this topic >>>> old topic.

oh and btw, for 1 build of yangus: 22 + 80 = 102, while max skill points put in 1 skill is 100 :S
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9 years ago#36
Thanks very much, will keep this one copied off line. I always wondered why some people went to used different ways than I did, now I have some different ways to look at it.

Just got back from playing ff12 and had to play my one of my favorites again so thank you again.
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9 years ago#37
16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 22 scythes > 32 humanity > 80 scythes > 82 humanity

You mean this one? I guess I should've been more clear. The part that says 80 scythes means 80 points total, not 80 more points. Likewise for all the other builds.

Grrr..... I wish I could edit my old posts.
9 years ago#38
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9 years ago#39
9 years ago#40
I'm debating whether to have Yangus learn Thin Air, or Jessica. Jessica has more MP, but it would mean sacrificing growth in Sex Appeal (assuming that I also focused on Staff and the requisite 23 in Whip as well). What's the general consensus? Does Yangus have enough MP to use it on a regular basis? Is it more worthwhile to have Yangus get it so Jessica can focus on Sex Appeal?


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