Alchemy Walkthrough Version 4.0 - Progressive Spoilers but Newbie-friendly

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11) Pickham/Red's House/Swordman's Labyrinth

New Recipes Available - Level indicates Alchemy Time for Completion
Agility Ring (LV3) = Prayer Ring + Seed of Agility
Eros' Bow (LV3) = Garter + Hunter's Bow
Hermes' Hat (LV3) = Feathered Cap + Mercury's Bandana
Iron Cuirass (LV2) = Iron Shield + Iron Shield
Leather Dress (LV2) = Dancer's Costume + Magic Beast Hide
Life Bracer (LV4) = Gold Bracer + Recovery Ring
Magma Staff (LV3) = Rockbomb Shard + Wizard's Staff
Mercury's Bandana (LV3) = Agility Ring + Bandana
Mighty Armlet (LV4) = Strength Ring + Titan Belt
Recovery Ring (LV4) = Prayer Ring + Seed of Life
Ruby of Protection (LV3) = Prayer Ring + Seed of Defence
Silver Tiara (LV2) = Coral Hairpin + Silver Platter
Staff of Antimagic (LV4) = Rune Staff + Wizard's Staff
Strength Ring (LV3) = Prayer Ring + Seed of Strength
Templar's Shield (LV2) = Iron Shield + Templar's Uniform
Titan Belt (LV3) = Leather Kilt + Strength Ring
White Shield (LV3) = Iron Shield + Silver Platter

Recommended Recipes
Hermes' Hat (20 Def) = Feathered Cap + Mercury's Bandana
Mercury's Bandana (23 Def) = Agility Ring + Bandana
Staff of Antimagic (41 Att) = Rune Staff + Wizard's Staff
White Shield (24 Def) = Iron Shield + Silver Platter

Chunky Cheese = Magic Water + Plain Cheese
Mild Cheese = Amor Seco Essence + Plain Cheese
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12) As you travel south from Ascantha, save and rest at the Lakeside Inn if you need to (although the Inn prices are rather high). Note the Lakeside Inn is not a Zoom location so you'll want to make it to the stone structure further south. Check out this strange building with red and green doors and then approach the man standing on roof to initiate a sidequest. You can start the sidequest right away; it's actually a major sidequest that will last for the duration of the entire game. You do not have to return after each capture and all recruitable monsters respawn indefinitely. Once you're done talking to him, the location will be added to the Zoom list. So even if you find you aren't strong enough to make it all the way to Pickham, you can continue from here.

Pickham can be reached any time after docking in Perequin Quay, however the story events won't trigger unless Angelo is in your party and Ascantha is completed. When you arrive in Pickham, once again check out the weapon and armor shops to upgrade your equipment. Be sure not to hand your money to anyone in this town except for the merchant NPCs. It's a pretty shifty town, but it does give you the game's first casino. The prizes at the casino can allow for major upgrades to your party equipment and can make other rather powerful items if you're willing to put in the time. The items from this casino will also serve as ingredients for recipes much later in the game. The only problem, of course, is that it's hard to win many tokens just on slots and bingo.

The odds are relatively low in Pickham Casino, so many players don't spend a great deal of time here. I will say it is not a good idea to trade too much Gold for Tokens. Spending 2000 gold for 100 tokens for 1 Magic Water is just stupid. The exchange rate is horrible, so try to use up as little gold as possible and earn the bulk of your tokens playing the minigames. In any case, at least try your luck a little and take a look at what they have to offer. The Platinum Helm cannot be used in alchemy but is a good piece of headgear. The Rune Staff is used in a number of recipes, but is also useful when used as an item in battle to cast Kabuff on the party. Agility Rings and Titan Belts are good alchemy ingredients and are nice accessories alone. Note the casino is a nice way to rack up gold as well. You can win tokens from the minigames, use them to buy Magic Waters, and then sell the Magic Waters in shops. It's really just a matter of your own patience (or innovation) with the minigames.

Hermes' Hat can be used from the Item menu to cast free unlimited Zoom. Literally the cheapest way to travel. It can also be worn by anyone as decent headgear. But the better choice for Hero is the Mercury's Bandana. The fact that it boosts agility means this headgear will never go out of style and can be worn even in late-game whenever you want Hero to be a bit faster.

White Shield has no business being available this early in the game. If you don't make anything else from the casino, take advantage of the opportunity to make this shield for Jessica. It will literally last for almost 3/4ths of the game and can later be upgraded to one of Jess' best shields. Otherwise, she'll be left using Kitty Shield.

Be aware Swordman's Labyrinth is crawling with undead. Undead take less damage from attacks and are harder to kill, and Mummies in particular like to put characters to sleep. Nevertheless, this dungeon is a great place to level up. At the very end of the dungeon, just before the final large chest, there's a plaque on the right statue that can restore your party an unlimited number of times. As an extra incentive, the monsters here drop some rather rare items, such as Mummies that drop Scholar's Specs. Goodybags are a great source for early gold and have a rare chance of dropping valuable Prayer Rings, but with a drop rate of (1/256) don't get your hopes up too much.
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13) Fully-Armored Alchemist Equipment Update

Weapon: Steel Broadsword/Holy Lance/Reinforced Boomerang
Shield: Iron Shield
Head: Mercury's Bandana/Platinum Headgear
Body: Bronze Armour

Weapon: Iron Axe/Farmer's Scythe/Sledgehammer
Shield: Iron Shield
Head: Hermes' Hat/Fur Hood
Body: Fur Poncho/Iron Cuiress

Weapon: Snakeskin Whip/Magma/Rune/Antimagic
Shield: White Shield
Head: Hermes' Hat/Silver Tiara
Body: Dancer's Costume

Weapon: Templar's Sword/Eros' Bow/Magma/Rune/Antimagic
Shield: White Shield
Head: Platinum Headgear/Hermes' Hat/Iron Helmet
Body: Leather Cape

Considering the boss at this point of the game and the next dungeon, I felt another update was in order. Once again, don't worry if you don't have everything I've mentioned - the suggestions are heavily reliant on the casino - just keep in mind what you might be able to upgrade. You won't have the Templar's Sword unless it's dropped by Phantom Fencers in the Labyrinth and you'll probably only have Hunter's Bow if you didn't get lucky with a Witch. You can make equipment from Magic Beast Hides - but you'll want to save those if you have two or less. You'll be able to make major upgrades when you're ready for the next quest.
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14) Post-Events in Pickham - The 3-item Alchemy Pot Upgrade

The alchemy pot upgrade is possible at this point in the game - allowing the use of THREE items for advanced recipes. The upgrade can occur anytime after Medea is returned to the party. The only requirement is resting at an INN. You must choose to rest at an Inn - the scenes where the party rests as part of the story do not count. At minimum, you'll have to sleep at an Inn twice. Among the cheapest at this point of the story are Riverside Chapel (10g), Farebury (12g), and Hilltop Hut (12g). If you're extremely stingy with your gold, you can wait until you reach the Western Continent where some Inns are free of charge. Whenever you sleep at an Inn, you'll notice Trode working on the pot. Eventually he'll turn around and give you a very creepy smile. The next time you check the alchemy pot, it'll have the upgrade.

New Recipes Available - Level indicates Alchemy Time for Completion
Bronze Helmet (LV3) = Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife + Stone Hardhat
Cold Cheese (LV1) = Chilly Cheese + Waterweed Mould + Waterweed Mould
Greater Panacea (LV2) = Lesser Panacea + Rose-Root + Rose-Wort
Greater Panacea (LV2) = Special Medicine + Special Medicine + Special Medicine
Hunter's Bow (LV4) = Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Strength Ring
Long Spear (LV3) = Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Iron Lance
Moon's Mercy (LV2) = Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb
Mystifying Mixture (LV1) = Cowpat + Holy Water + Wing of Bat
Mystifying Mixture (LV1) = Antidotal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb
Rose-Root (LV2) = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Rose-Wort (LV2) = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb
Silver Cuirass (LV3) = Iron Cuirass + Silver Platter + Silver Platter
Sledgehammer (LV2) = Giant Mallet + Iron Helmet + Iron Helmet
Special Antidote (LV2) = Antidotal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Super Spicy Cheese (LV1) = Red Mould + Red Mould + Spicy Cheese

Recommended Recipes
Bronze Helmet (20 Def) = Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife + Stone Hardhat
Long Spear (30 Att) = Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Iron Lance
Silver Cuirass (44 Def) = Iron Cuirass + Silver Platter + Silver Platter

Greater Panacea = Lesser Panacea + Rose-root + Rose-wort
Greater Panacea = Special Medicine + Special Medicine + Special Medicine
Moon's Mercy = Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb
Mystifying Mixture = Antidotal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb
Rose-Root = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Rose-Wort = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb
Special Antidote = Antidotal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Medicinal Herb
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15) If Hero has been using the Iron Lance up to this point, you can now upgrade it to Long Spear with this upgrade, and then strengthen it further to Holy Lance with the Gold Rosary from the Tortured Soul battle. At this point it would only be to save some gold, otherwise the Holy Lance can be purchased in Pickham for 2700g.

Speaking of gold, Mystifying Mixture is a cheap recipe that sells for a sizeable profit. Always use the herb recipe and under no circumstances should you waste rare Wings of Bat on this recipe.

Along with getting the alchemy pot upgrade, it's possible to start the Dodgy Dave Quest anytime after retrieving Medea. Back in Pickham, simply speak to the bartender to gain access to Dodgy Dave's Black Market. Talk to Dodgy Dave and he'll make a request - if you can fill the order, he'll trade you with either gold or an item. Here's what he'll ask for:

Special Medicine for 500 gold
Reinforced Boomerang for 1,200 gold
Ring of Immunity for a Bandit Axe
Robe of Serenity for 6,000 gold
Sandstorm Spear for a Happy Hat
Crimson Robe for a Big Boss Shield

Don't worry about getting it all now. For the time being, Special Medicine is all you'll want to hand over; the Reinforced Boomerang is still too good to give up just yet. The last request for Crimson Robe won't be possible until you're nearly done with the game. Don't be worried about refusing an order. He'll just move on to the next, and after giving him the last item on the list, he'll start to cycle through again. However, it's recommended you pick up the Bandit Axe and Happy Hat when he offers them the first time instead of having to wait until he cycles through again. For more information completing the sidequest, check the section in FAQs: Advanced.
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16) Hilltop Hut/Castle Trodain/Mole Hole

New Recipes Available - Level indicates Alchemy Time for Completion
Chain Mail (LV1) = Chain Whip + Wayfarer’s Clothes
Full Moon Ring (LV3) = Gold Ring + Poison Moth Knife
Happy Hat (LV4) = Elevating Shoes + Feathered Cap
Hard Cheese (LV1) = Plain Cheese + Rock Salt
Highly-Strung Cheese (LV2) = Cold Cheese + Rock Salt + Super Spicy Cheese
Holy Water (LV1) = Amor Seco Essence + Rock Salt
Hunter's Bow (LV1) = Chain Whip + Short Bow
Prayer Ring (LV2) = Gold Ring + Seed of Magic
Soft Cheese (LV1) = Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder + Rock Salt

Recommended Recipes
Eros' Bow (45 Att) = Garter + Hunter's Bow

After the party finally meets Brains, they realize they're going to need to find a way to cross the ocean. There's a chance that they will be able to find an abandoned ship in a dried-up seabed in the Kingdom of Trodain. The old seabed lies to the west of Port Prospect, so Zoom there and walk to the right of the town entrance. This is going to be a very long trek, so I recommend using Holy Water/Holy Protection perhaps stacked with Padfoot to reduce encounters. You'll likely also want to take a pit stop at Hilltop Hut to rest and save.

The Slime Crown can be found somewhere at the Hilltop Hut. It's a decent helmet for Yangus for the time being, but it's also a rare item, which you should not sell, and is used for making some of the best equipment in the game. If you do sell it, don't expect it to be easy to get more. Remember, you can get gold anywhere - from any monster in any random battle - but you can't be too sure if you'll ever be able to see that specific item ever again. It's never worth giving up a rare just for some pocket change.
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17) This homecoming happens to unlock a couple other major events. When you get to Castle Trodain, you'll see a blue slime hanging outside the front entrance (you may have to exit and reenter the screen). If you've been keeping up with Morrie's quest, this is the third and final monster you need to capture after Squiggles near Pickham and Lonely Joe near Maella Abbey. After capturing all three, Zoom back to Morrie's Place to earn Monster Arena privileges. Your starting team is weak, so after you get the Monster Arena Key, go out into the world and track down some stronger monsters to recruit. Who knows, with the right team, you could get as high as Rank C. Anyway, as far as alchemy, items such as Strength Ring and Mighty Armlet are useful - though you can only win each prize once. If you want to go any higher than Rank B, you'll probably need stronger monsters in far off lands, and very soon you'll be getting a boat, so don't be in a rush.

Finally, upon exploring Castle Trodain, you uncover the Magic Key. This is essentially an upgrade to the Thief's Key (which you can now safely get rid of by using it in a recipe), allowing you to unlock even more locked treasure chests. After acquiring the the new key, you can go back and unlock some more treasure chests on the continent, some of which have nice items for the pot.

With Magic Key in hand, try to search every room of the castle for treasure. Many players seem to have a lot of trouble navigating this dungeon, which can get frustrating considering the strength of the enemies. You really should try to investigate each room for treasure, which should eventually find you through. The 4 chests in the locked cage are the only ones you can't get yet. Among the treasures you'll find is a Magic Beast Hide. Try to hang onto this and avoid using them unless you have 3 or more. A quick panty raid in Medea's bedroom earns your perverted party a Garter. It can be worn as a defensive accessory, but is put to better use into Eros' Bow.

Anyway for a direct path, first make sure you pick up the map at the top of the staircase outside the front door of the castle just before you come in. After entering the castle, head into the East wing to your right. In the East wing, you'll see a servant girl turned to vines to your left (North). The servant girl happens to be staring at the stairs (East), so go up to the next floor. At the top of the stairs, the path to take is behind the stairs (North) and can be seen by rotating the camera. Continue West down this hall and you'll eventually enter a room with a muscle guy turned to vines. Take the large door to the South. You should now be outside where you'll see a soldier and a servant. Past both of them is a door to the tower stairwell (North). Descend the spiral staircase twice to get to the ground floor. In this hallway you'll see 4 knight statues. Between the third and fourth is an opening to the royal throne room. Run through the throne room and the library will be in the West castle wing to your right. Don't forget to unlock to side-door of the library.

After reaching the library, the party researches into the night hours. Unable to find answers on their own, the curse on the castle may be the very thing that opens the door to the solution. An opportunity most adventurers don't get to have even once, your party is able to visit the Moonshadow World for a second time. This time, Ishmahri needs some help. Someone that owes you a favor - or really owes Ishmahri - might have the treasure he needs. If you figure it out right away, you can only speak to Pavan during the day now that he's free of his insomnia. After recovering the treasure, return through the Moonshadow Window in Trodain. You must visit the library at night. Rest until evening in Farebury if you need to or just stand outdoors until the sun goes down.
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18) Magic Ship

New Recipes Available - Level indicates Alchemy Time for Completion
Angel Cheese (LV2) = Fresh Milk + Premium Mould + Yggdrasil Dew
Assassin's Dagger (LV3) = Eagle Dagger + Poison Needle
Catholicon Ring (LV5) = Full Moon Ring + Ring of Immunity + Ring of Truth
Cheiron's Bow (LV5) = Eros' Bow + Power Shield
Cured Cheese (LV2) = Amor Seco Essence + Fresh Milk + Premium Mould
Dancer's Mail (LV4) = Dancer's Costume + Silver Mail
Dragon Mail (LV3) = Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale + Silver Mail
Dragon Shield (LV3) = Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale + Steel Shield
Dragontail Whip (LV4) = Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale + Snakeskin Whip
Elevating Shoes (LV4) = Fishnet Stockings + Happy Hat
Elfin Elixir (LV3) = Magic Water + Yggdrasil Dew
Falcon Knife (LV3) = Agility Ring + Slime Earrings + Tough Guy Tattoo
Fallen Angel Rapier (LV3) = Devil's Tail + Holy Silver Rapier + Wing of Bat
Holy Silver Rapier (LV3) = Holy Talisman + Templar's Sword
Holy Talisman (LV4) = Gold Rosary + Holy Water + Tough Guy Tattoo
Imp Knife (LV4) = Assassin's Dagger + Devil's Tail
Leather Whip (LV1) = Devil's Tail + Saint's Ashes
Magic Armour (LV3) = Full Plate Armour + Prayer Ring + Ruby of Protection
Magic Shield (LV3) = Prayer Ring + Ruby of Protection + Steel Shield
Mercury's Rapier (LV4) = Fallen Angel Rapier + Mercury's Bandana + Mercury's Bandana
Platinum Mail (LV4) = Saint's Ashes + Zombie Mail
Power Shield (LV4) = Cured Cheese + Magic Shield + Strength Ring
Premium Mould (LV2) = Red Mould + Waterweed Mould + Yggdrasil Leaf
Razor Wing Boomerang (LV4) = Edged Boomerang + Steel Scythe + Wing of Bat
Ring of Awakening (LV3) = Dream Blame + Gold Ring
Ring of Clarity (LV3) = Fallen Angel Rapier + Gold Ring
Ring of Immunity (LV3) = Gold Ring + Poison Needle
Ring of Truth (LV3) = Gold Ring + Sandstorm Spear
Sandstorm Spear (LV4) = Partisan + Saint's Ashes
Scale Armour (LV1) = Dragon Scale + Leather Armour
Scale Shield (LV1) = Dragon Scale + Leather Shield
Scholar's Specs (LV1) = Ring of Awakening + Ring of Clarity + Seed of Wisdom
Spiked Armour (LV4) = Edged Boomerang + Magic Armour
Staff of Resurrection (LV5) = Life Bracer + Rune Staff + Yggdrasil Leaf
White Shield (LV3) = Fresh Milk + Fresh Milk + Light Shield
Yggdrasil Dew (LV3) = Magic Water + Yggdrasil Leaf
Zombie Mail (LV1) = Devil's Tail + Platinum Mail

Recommended Recipes
Dancer's Mail (57 Def) = Dancer's Costume + Silver Mail
Platinum Mail (72 Def) = Saint's Ashes + Zombie Mail
White Shield (24 Def) = Fresh Milk + Fresh Milk + Light Shield

Chilly Cheese = Cool Cheese + Waterweed Mould
Cold Cheese = Chilly Cheese + Waterweed Mould + Waterweed Mould
Cool Cheese = Plain Cheese + Waterweed Mould
Spicy Cheese = Plain Cheese + Red Mould
Super Spicy Cheese = Red Mould + Red Mould + Spicy Cheese
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19) After completing the events at Trodain, you'll gain access to the Magic Ship for traveling the oceans all over the world - opening the floodgates for alchemy as well. There are a lot of recipes in the Available list, partially because you have access to more monsters that may drop rare items, which is also why the Recommended list is so short. Just be careful, the farther north or south you sail, the tougher the monsters will become. So, try to gauge your own party's strength before you set sail for uncharted waters.

When you first get the ship, it lands just around Princess Minnie's Castle. The Princess can exchange those strange mini-medals you've been collecting for some useful items, although at this point, you'll likely only have enough for some Fishnet Stockings. If you collect medals from some secluded islands, you may be able to get the Posh Waistcoat for Angelo. Neither are all too great. The waters leading to the Western Continent are relatively safe, so if your party is weak, just continue west towards Baccarat.

I should also mention the old man at the Waterfall Hut is back if you want to stop by and visit. If you recall, the hut is on top of the Waterfall Cave. In gracious hospitality, the old man will give you 2 Cured Cheeses, 2 Angel Cheeses and 4 Mild Cheeses.

If your party is slightly stronger, you could try a little exploring. Of particular interest is Savella, the island to the north; the Holy Isle of Neos, the continent near the middle of the map; and the Northwest Isle. Savella and Neos both have shops with some useful equipment. Also note if you visit the east side of Neos during the day, you can encounter Gold Golems, who'll drop 726 gold when defeated - a nice way to rack up gold. You'll want to have an average party level around 25 to defeat them easily. It may also help to put them to sleep, and Neos happens to sell Dream Blades, which anyone in the party can use as an item to cast Snooze.

The Northwest Isle is a barren continent shrouded in sinister mist. There's not much to do here quite yet, but there is some treasure to pick up. If you manage to find the Zombie Mail, you may consider this to be a pretty decent piece of armor. Just be aware of the description that warns of an air of danger. If you're brash enough to ignore the warning, you'll find that this is a cursed piece of equipment that will incapacitate Angelo during his first turn along with slowly killing him whenever you move. If you happen to "mistakenly" equip it, visit a church and request Benediction... or reset if you saved recently. However, if you want to get the greatest benefit from the armor, you may want to think of a way to permenantly uncurse it... maybe by having it blessed by a saint... or better yet, bathing it in the tragically charred remains of a holy man, disgracing his ashes and forever entrapping his eternal soul into the vast oblivion of purgatory...if you believe in that stuff... or something.
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20) Completing the Monster Arena sidequest up to Rank C earns your first Saint's Ashes. Combining this with Partisan from Savella gives you the Sandstorm Spear, a decent spear that also casts Dazzle when used as an item. The Sandstorm Spear can later be traded in for the Happy Hat from Dodgy Dave. However, the Saint's Ashes can also be used to purify the Zombie Mail found on the Northwest Continent to make incredible Platinum Mail for Hero or Angelo. Happy Hat or Platinum Mail? Up to you. For other uses of Saint's Ashes, see FAQs: Expert.

If you didn't make the White Shield using Silver Platters from Pickham Casino, an alternative recipe is available with Light Shields from Neos. It's well worth making at least for Jess, who'll probably keep it equipped for a good portion of the game.

Angelo's Dancer's Mail is now available. This armor has high defence for now and evades direct physical attacks. Note that it does not have any magic or elemental protection. So you can equip this during battles against monsters that attack physically and switch when facing magic-casters.

If you've been lucky enough to pick up a rare Wing of Bat, you can now upgrade Hero to Razor Wing Boomerang. However, Wings of Bat are somewhat rare, so if you only have one, you may want to hold off on the recipe. Razor Wing Boomerang can later be purchased at the bazaar for 3800g while the cost through alchemy is 5060g for materials. For other uses of Wings of Bat, see the Expert discussion.

If you're intent on doing a lot of exploring, I have one word for you: Sabrecat. Literally a large-fanged big cat that the party leader rides bareback (an idea that makes monkey feel happy and confused all at the same time), is able to run twice as fast as Hero. And it's only available on the Western Continent. As I've said, I wouldn't spend too much time sailing aimlessly. Check out areas you couldn't reach before, collect treasure chests, make some additions to your monster team, do some shopping, etc., but get back to the story.