Alchemy Walkthrough Version 4.0 - Progressive Spoilers but Newbie-friendly

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Did you mean Cannibox? Yes, they do!

As for mechanics, Steal Sickle has 1/4 the chance of regular drop to steal an item. Stainless Steal Sickle (upgrade) has 1/2 the drop chance. You can steal only once from one enemy, but it can drop it's item after the fight. The skill costs 0MP and slightly increases attack (battle capabilities!)
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Only problem is that Yangus is level 13 already. It would be level 16 before I could get Steal Sickle, and then I am missing out on points with Angelo because he won't come into the party at 13. The only thing I can do- is forgo the few recipes I have left, then obtain Angelo, THEN finish what few spells I have left, and what couple of new ones come up.

I guess that would make much more sense.

After that, it is only a matter of grinding and alchemy I suppose. But before I can do any of that, I need to make a ton load of Strong Medicine, so that I can make some quick cash, Plus go back and restock everything I used for Alchemy that I can.

What would be a comfortable number for items such as Rose-Root, Rose-Wort, Special Medicine and Lesser Panacea?

I am thinking the only item truly worth it is a ton load of Lesser Panacea. Even then, it seems a waste to use such a costly item, to heal what a strong medicine can at this point in the game. 16 Gold is much more reasonable then 64 Gold for an item that completely restores Hit Points, as well as cure Paralysis and Poison. In fact, as it stands, I think Rose-Wort and Strong Medicine are the only items worth investing in until Dhoulmagus.
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I hardly ever use herbs in DQ games, I don't remember ever using any status healing items, lol.
Magic is sufficient for healing - Angelo will be main healer/buffer.
A few strong medicines and antidotes can be helpful, but I really think you won't have any problems with status ailments.
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Deception; Perhaps I misread your post but the party members come at set levels independent of what your current party members are. Getting Yangus to 16 won't affect Angelo at all, he'll simply be behind in levels when he joins.
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I found this very helpful and informative during my play through. Thanks!
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Probably the best sticky guide of any game ever.

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I think I've used this guide for over four years now
I think I should post here just to congratulate it for being awesome
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Just to concur with what everyone else has been saying for several years, this is an incredibly well-written guide in addition to being extremely useful! A belated thanks to Naughty Monkey.

I actually did a copy/paste of the entire thing to print up as future reference when I decide to play this game yet again when "whatever the next new generation machines may be" get too boring for me again, and I return to the fun games of yesteryear...
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Great guide
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Been using this as I play through. Thought I'd post to say thanks!

It's a very, very well-composed guide.