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8 years ago#1
I need to make a lot of money to buy new equipment before I fight Sir Leopold. The Holy Island of Neos is supposed to be the best place to run into them-but I haven't encountered a lot so far.

I've tried both of the casino's, but to little avail-I never made enough money to win anything.

Any other monsters that you can get a lot of cash out off??
8 years ago#2
Can you fly? If so go to any plateau you must fly to (besides slime hill) and you'll fight gold golems during the day. Also make sure it's day time around Neos if you're looking for them there. People say they appear more around where you fight Goldman (the recruitable gold golem).
8 years ago#3
If you don't know where the Goldman is then stand in front of Neos and face the holy statue, look a lil to your right, you will see a big bolder, go past this and you should see another smaller boulder (if i remeber correctly) and the Goldman should be right behind it a little ways off.
8 years ago#4
Ok, thanks, that definitely helps! I did beat Goldman, so I know where to go.
8 years ago#5
The plateau above the Mystical Spring is the best place I found. You need to be able to fly though.
8 years ago#6
any fly-to-only-area has gold golems during the day and liquid metal slimes at night. They're all the same except the slime-only area.

By the time you can fly though, you don't really need money much anymore. Gold dolems are really only useful between the time you get the boat and the time you can fly. During that period, you want to go to neos.
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8 years ago#7
Well, at least Gold Golems are easier to find compared to Liquid Metal Slimes and Metal King Slimes.
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