Where can I get more Iron Nails?

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7 years ago#1
I assume there's more, since you use a pair to make the Thief Key, which is pretty important in of itself. I hope there's more soon to upgrade the Boomerang though while I'm still using it.
7 years ago#2
There's one in the next dung and there is a cannibox in the next dun also which has a rare drop of iron nails.
The dream crusher.
They feel so good under my feet I just can't stop.
7 years ago#3
Oh thank goodness, thanks for letting me know. ^^
7 years ago#4
no problem
The dream crusher.
They feel so good under my feet I just can't stop.
7 years ago#5
they are also possible drops from many machine monsters, just so you know.
*dives behind flame shield* *is Canadian*
7 years ago#6
Ah, ok, makes sense. Good to know!

I find myself with alot more leveling up patience then my first time through. I originally got to very near the end...and jsut stopped playing..tried leveling up here and there more, but kept getting bored. I only played through DQI before VIII originally at all.

I played through the IV and V remakes though, so that must be why i appreciate the system more now.
7 years ago#7
Two good places once you have a ship:

Southwest isle (not on the world map) is the best place, you'll encounter many Cannibox and Mimics there. Drop rate is quite good, I ended up with 15 nails really quickly on my most recent go through the game. At night, Liquid metal slime is a possible encounter as well.

Medal King/Princess Minnie's Castle island, you'll encounter metal scorpions there, though you'll encounter less overall monsters that drop iron nails.

The only things you really, really need to make before you have a ship (Thief Key and possibly a reinforced boomerang) you'll have enough nails for.

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