Recovery Ring / Goddess Ring question

#1eldouchoPosted 12/29/2009 6:11:10 PM
In the items FAQ it says Recovery Ring recovers MP as you walk but it's wrong, it recovers HP. The FAQ also says the Goddess Ring (which you create from the Recovery Ring and Orichalcum) recovers MP. Is the FAQ wrong both times or only once? Does the Goddess Ring indeed recover MP unlike the Recovery Ring?

I don't want to waste an Orichalcum and have the FAQ be wrong again. MP recovery > HP recovery.
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#2DCdemonic1Posted 12/29/2009 7:11:53 PM
The happy hat and goddess ring recover MP. The hat restores 2 per step while the ring restores 1 per step. Instead of making the ring I prefer to spend a few minutes at the Baccarat casino and get enough tokens for a hundred magic waters, doesn't take too long if you're getting other items. The happy hat can be obtained from Dodgy Dave.