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4 years ago#1
is dead.

that is akl/
4 years ago#2
about damn time
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4 years ago#3
but biut i miss you guys
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
fune &&&& you all
4 years ago#6
Gamefaqs, the home of people with underlying daddy issues.
4 years ago#7
just making sure i can keep this gif in handy without saving it

4 years ago#8
If I had a daughter that looked like that, I'd put a hidden cam in the shower >_> -Canadian Vampire
4 years ago#9
it makes me lirl so much
4 years ago#10
lets all just chill to trey songz new album
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Anything too hard in life is not worth doing. -John McGuirk

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