this b my clique wuddup blod (p0etry t0pic)

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3 years ago#1
By Nicholas Adam Bruno,,,,,,,,,,,,

straight edge

it is warm and cozy,
in my human sized hampster ball
it is lined with wool
and everywhere I look
reflects white
into my pinpoint eyes
where it meets synapses of pleasure
and vanquishes synapses of pain
for four hours or more, things are

damn these hands

My hands tick away like an antiquated clock out of beat
They don't ring like they used to;
Instead erupts a discordant chime that sings
of fall and a long winter
without the promise of

They course through forests and alleyways in search of a purpose.
A sober and earnest dignity.
Clumsily they glide over a worn fret board, producing melody;
yet still not ringing on their own.
Stinging and biting comes next, and a
bleak and seemingly

unending stagnancy

jackpot, baby

I will pay u 100 dollars to shoot me in the head
This could be a very lucrative business deal for you
You could buy an amazon kindle after shooting me in the head
You can just dump me in the ocean
Nobody will ever look for me so you don’t have to worry
Ill even give you an advanced copy of one of my e-books for free
To read on your amazon kindle
Or maybe you would buy a nook
You can read it on the beach somewhere while thinking about
The waves and the gibbous moon above your head
And you could feel good about yourself
For making such a solid investment in your life
And with your time
Thank you


December stars could never match your eyes…
Why did you have to tell me so many lies…
I feel like a ball that weighs more than the earth that is
sinking steadily into the earth now
But it doesn’t weigh that much more so its going to take a while
After a while ill reach the core of the earth

And I will melt
Just like I used to melt for you and your beautiful blue eyes…

This hurts

Ow I am stabbed by an icicle

3 years ago#2
aw a lot of the arrangement is messed up b/c gamefaqs sucks a DIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCK
3 years ago#3
uh, ok
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3 years ago#4
um is that a poem?
well then get out of this topic, boy!!
3 years ago#5
I like it but try not to jock on Steve's style you know what I'm saying like there's the misspellings like Steve you know what I'm saying but there's some nice use of vocabulary and imagery you know what I'm saying but you just got to do your own thing man
Anything too hard in life is not worth doing. -John McGuirk
3 years ago#6
3 years ago#7
none of it is jocking steves style ok
3 years ago#8
i'm sorry nick i think i've just lost the passion i once had burning inside me

the flame has been extinguished ,_,
Anything too hard in life is not worth doing. -John McGuirk
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