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Myst 3D announced, will we have some competition with the 3DS board? (Archived)Dr_Lepper312/30/2011
let's all have a myst reunion in like 15-20 years (Archived)
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Merry Christmas to all, Happy Hanukkah to Dan, Happy Kwanzaa to bags, Happy (Archived)
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Get any epic lootz guys? (Archived)
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There's a crying baby and I'm not even on my flight yet (Archived)cheese_dragon712/23/2011 (Archived)Dr_Lepper912/2/2011
A moderator has responded to your moderation dispute. (Archived)
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Wow, Ky (Mike Dodson) is going to be a dad. (Archived)bloodydeath0811/26/2011
Hey guys guess what? (Archived)Dr_Lepper711/21/2011
*Puts UCF in my sig after going 2-0* (Archived)cheese_dragon911/21/2011
RIP lepperbrony (Archived)
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Are any of you going to the Pop Punk's not dead tour? (Archived)Dr_Lepper911/16/2011
I got suspended. :( (Archived)
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Ever notice the best and most attractive users are ones whose username ends in 0 (Archived)
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Guys, the locked topix are starting to take over. (Archived)leex0711/8/2011
Glad my 3 main accounts are all suspended (Archived)ILoveSunnySNSD1011/6/2011
october snow topic (Archived)
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A girl from my high school grade is engaged to Sean Parker (Archived)cheese_dragon211/1/2011
I've decided that i want to become a successful troll on CE (Archived)
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