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9 years ago#1
No text
*attempts to post unseen*
9 years ago#2
*stops the claim topic from purging*
Luster Soldier - Popular at school. ~Shield Bearer~ | ~Data Analyst~
9 years ago#3
bump to keep alive
In America, government watches you! :o
9 years ago#4
Kirpikong, forthfigure, CPM, Marioman116, Nuked, Red Snake, SrRd_RacinG, NeoRingjester, and random_moogle are made of win and are fast posters.
9 years ago#5
rate me please
Neither enemy nor friend. I am back from a world where such words are meaningless.
9 years ago#6
rate me too please ;_;
9 years ago#7
Me too o.o
I've got a silver hammer! ® Friend Foundation ®
Twitchy eye? I've got a solution!
9 years ago#8
rate me
*is Striker5959/Sonic5959* http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y89/Sonic5959/motivator9518661.jpg
9 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
9 years ago#10
I like a rating.

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