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3 years ago#1
Post your team.
Look if you dare ------>
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
lol @ tc's sig
3 years ago#4
Fifa 13 is absolutely outstanding. If I had to rate Fifa on a scale of 1 to 10 it would rate a solid 7. Fifa bring everything to the game for a true footballer(Soccer player if you live in the United States).

Reviewer's Score: 9/10
3 years ago#5
is there a problem,pizza boy
Look if you dare ------>
3 years ago#6
Should I wait until after Arsenal's Champions League game to get Ozil? I want him nao but I'm always afraid players might get injured or something.
3 years ago#7
Benteke-Van Persie-Soldado

Da Silva-Özil-Coutinho-Wilshere



It's just some crappy yahoo fantasy though.
"Football is a simple game: 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and, at the end, the Germans win."-Gary Lineker
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