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You can add one of the following retired Englishmen to your team. (Poll)
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why are direct transfers between liverpool and man utd so rare?
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Sterling's agent: '900k-a-week would not keep him at Anfield'
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Adidas Predator boots are no more!MayorDex65/22 12:39PM
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Lewis Hamilton's newest contract.
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Adebayor's family is messed upjimmysheva85/22 1:55AM
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How much should we sell DeGea for?
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Race to rid the cancer of football down to just one left.No1Stormie75/21 7:35PM
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Teams like Sunderland deserve to be relegatedrawrLIKEaB05S__85/21 11:37AM
How Qatar got the World Cup (funny)freakzilla316ft85/21 11:35AM
Chris Ramsay given QPR manager job permanently
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Xavi to leave Barca at the end of the season.
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Palestine up to no good again
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De Gea or Lloris - Either way one ends up at United and Real MadridTopSpurs85/20 6:48PM
if liverpool fans think sterling is rubbish then why do they want him to stay?Slider_Rider105/20 6:21PM
A-League bloopers 2014-15 out today
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