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5 years ago#1

Need a place to sleep on this board? We got plenty of rooms if you want one. Ain't nobody staying here at the moment, except for Kelly the axe-murdering skeleton.

Our rooms are equipped with padlock-style security, and at a price of $20 a night. Draw your own conclusions. You can borrow my quill if you need to.

5 years ago#2
Can I borrow you quill?
How do you kill that which has no life?
5 years ago#3

Yes, but I happen to be out of ink unfourtunetely.

5 years ago#4
What kind of silly motel advertises a quil but has no ink!?
5 years ago#5
I'll just get some ink myself.

*goes squid hunting*
How do you kill that which has no life?
5 years ago#6
Don't bother I won't be staying here tonight!
5 years ago#7

No, dont't leave yet!

You can use my pencil if you'd like. It is designed specifically for first-class customers.

5 years ago#8
That pencil isn't sharpened!
5 years ago#9
But does it have ink?
How do you kill that which has no life?
5 years ago#10

How sharp does it need to be? It's as sharp as I can make it.

Look at it.


A mighty sharp lead stick there.

I am now beginning to recall what I did to the ink. I fed it to my newborn imp baby. Sorry about that. But lead always works.

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