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New Fire Emblem trailer. (Archived)
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So, in regards to the Sunrise + RightStuf partnership... (Gundam-related...) (Archived)VampLordAdamaru34/10 4:40AM
Normally I don't complain about weeb garbage. (Archived)GujinxAsuna199764/10 12:27AM
so there's drama at my old high school involving homosexuality (Archived)
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Anyone want some closed beta keys for Heroes of the Storm? (Archived)DrJawless54/9 3:00AM
Did any of you guys know about this? (Archived)
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so apparently pillars of eternity is a good game (Archived)
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Anyone here get BloodBorne? (Archived)
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Club Nintendo still hasn't shipped my case (Archived)Hay_Stack24/6 10:38PM
Anyone here want a Oneplus One invite? (Archived)Triwing64/5 1:50PM
God Damn (Archived)Lunar_Savage84/2 7:49AM
How would you react if Natalie Portman walked up to you and asked you to Become (Archived)XGP15A22634/2 1:35AM
I get the feeling this generation of consoles will suck, overall (Archived)F150II94/1 4:54PM
GTA V Heists (Archived)
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attn gujinkami (Archived)Dota293/29 3:34AM
Bringing back streaming; now called Fishy Fridays. (Archived)
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"Maggie" (Archived)AppleJeZus23/26 7:30PM
Writing a Paper on Zhou Enlai (Archived)hufdvh23/26 9:59AM
imagine a world where Obsidian wasn't a crappy company (Archived)
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lol, saw this on the FONV Nexus (Archived)
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