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Vamp needs a playlist of angsty, "love sucks" type songs... (Archived)
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i'm gonna show off the skin of my wiener here :3 (Archived)
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Babby finally did it :') (Archived)GravelKing67/9 8:43PM
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New 14-minute video for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Archived)
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anyone here ever had a Lucid Dream before? (Archived)
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Was there any hype around here for ff14? (Archived)
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So Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is available on PSN for PS3 now... (Archived)VampLordAdamaru67/9 6:14AM
ATTN: Zapkeet (Maybe King too) (Archived)
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what ever happened to ol' Lancet? (Archived)
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forgot to share this amazing world cup mask here (Archived)GravelKing57/8 4:38PM
i can't wait for the day i proudly show my grandkids the archives of relax (Archived)
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for all you pokemon x'ers and y'ers, the event Vivillion is out (Archived)GravelKing67/8 1:47PM
Orion: Dino Horde is fun (Archived)DrJawless57/8 5:38AM
Apple bought WWE 2k14 on ps3 despite 2k15 being a few months away (Archived)AppleJeZus67/7 3:40PM
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (Archived)Siblingz77/7 2:05PM
Just realized Linkin Park released their new album (Archived)AppleJeZus87/7 11:20AM
Its that time of year, again.. who gave me the name "Babby"? (Archived)
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RELAX!!!! Throw your horns and jam out!!!! DRAGONFORCE!!!! \m/__(>.<)__\m/ (Archived)stepinstones47/7 9:13AM
So Pink Floyd is releasing a new album after 20 years... (Archived)El_Dustino87/6 10:22PM