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new info on the new battlefront game
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Games you never fully experienced...and you're okay with?
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Why does Link's gender matter? (Archived)
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I'm playing just cause 2 for the first time. this is the mercenaries we needed (Archived)
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Peter Molyneux is at it again :D (Archived)AppleJeZus82/11 11:32PM
Bethesda will have their first ever conference at E3 (Archived)
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Relax, vita owners (Archived)
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The Legend of Zelda (Netflix Original) (Archived)
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Daedra crashed a military jet into a bunch of cars on the highway (Archived)
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This russian politician is calling OTHER people psychologically sick (Archived)thefinalzapkeet62/5 5:44PM
Official Doctor Who LEGO set to be released!! (Archived)VampLordAdamaru32/4 1:11PM
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