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8 years ago#141
Hmm, two more months until another birthday.
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8 years ago#142
*sees deleted post at beginning of page*
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8 years ago#143
Rimmer_Dall was moderated because of possession of an illegal Sig-Divider. But seriously, he should be happy. Most people who was caught using an illegal Sig-Divider was sentenced to three years of prison or do Da Helicopter in front of Oprah.
8 years ago#144
Oh. I see. <.<
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8 years ago#145
What's the helicopter?

And man, Fan, you must be on a roll lately. Every topic I've come across lately you were one of the last posters.
I've never had McDonald's. And I never will. I have also never had spaghetti.
8 years ago#146
Fan is every where >_>
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Yonkers !
8 years ago#147
About a month and a half ago, Fan gave up his old job and decided to become a full-time board hunter. He then plans to sue the government for not paying him for his work.
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8 years ago#148
Unfortunately it was the other way around. I got fired simply because I was Board Hunting far to much (sometimes I even did it at working hours), and in order to get final revenge on my boss I decided that I'd go Board Hunting even more than I ever did before.

For the means of supporting myself financially, I've tried to apply to get allowance from The Work and Artist Income Act, with the reason that I consider Board Hunting to be a form of art (it takes skillz to write fun messages), and I try to use my knowledge about this art form to inspire other Board Hunters to be involved in this art. But when I talked to WWIK about this they just laughed directly at my face and showed be the door out. I tried to sue them for making me feel worthless and depressed, but the judge just sent the video tape of my case to America's Funniest Home Videos.
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8 years ago#149
Oh snap, the year is nearly complete!
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8 years ago#150
If I was your lawyer, I can promise you compensation for the trauma that has been caused.
"Its alright. Its been long enough. This... is your world now."~Auron-X

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