Single Character Challenge, the return.

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4 years ago#21
DragonAtma posted...
I never thought of that; the final boss is fond of Dk-Force, and I saw this happening easily:

Robot uses Excalibur! 1000 damage!
Final boss uses Dk-Force! 800 damage!
Final Boss uses Dk-Force! 800 damage! Slain!

You know FFL3 lets you use inventory items in combat right? Including Elixirs? I suspect that might have made things easier for you...

As for FFL2, I'm up to Venus (irony!). No, I don't need advice; I merely need to be less busy with other projects.

What could be more important than playing arbitrary challenge modes of a 20-year old game? ;)
4 years ago#22
Yes, I do.

I also know that if he uses Dk-Force again, you're again one hit away from death.
Nagas on a plane! ^_^
4 years ago#23
Sorry, I interpreted the "----" in your hypothetical battle as "several rounds later."

Anyhow, yes, you will sometimes die fighting Xagor; IIRC he can critical with Dk-Force, which means instant death. But it didn't take too many attempts, and getting lucky is always a big part of single-character games anyhow.
4 years ago#24
True, true; in solo FFMQ's first non-tutorial battle, you MUST get a critical hit on the first turn, or else you'll be slaughtered --and even then victory is not guaranteed!

And then you must do the same thing AGAIN, at which point you reach level reach elvel 2 and the first "dungeon" is manageable.

(if you want to test that, try "cheat" code 7E10A140)
Nagas on a plane! ^_^
4 years ago#25
I think I'll have to try FFMQ sometime.

It's funny, I really don't like the core FF games at all. But I like anything I've played with the Final Fantasy title appended on to ship more units, and I like most of Square's other older stuff. So it would be interesting to see whether I take to MQ or not.
4 years ago#26
I was up to the third world when, to gather data, I sharked the hero to max exp... and only then realized it would affect every save I had x_x

So I had to start over...

(levelup formula for level x, btw, is 13(x^3)+61(x^2).)

EDIT: To clarify, the sharking was in a new game that was NOT planned to be saved; the only code I'd ever use in a challenge game is the one necessary to establish the challenge (here, the ally petrifier).
Nagas on a plane! ^_^
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