Hatamato attacks Echigoya with Punch for 64000 damage!

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4 years ago#1
I don't have a screen shot, but the the confused Hatamato did 64000 damage with a Punch. I know a final shot of a jitsu does extra damage, but that is just ridiculous!
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4 years ago#2
If that is the case, I'd suspect there's a bug at work. I know that the game can potentially get buggy under other specific cases involving status ailments (it's how this speedrun gets a Blackcat as early as Ashura's base using Poison):

4 years ago#3
Gotta be a bug. My best guess is that the game interprets it as you using a punch on the enemy (after all, it's not hitting an ally)... but without a punch counter added, and therefore a punch counter of zero. And we all know how the Punch works...
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4 years ago#4
What's the max damage allowed by the game, 65536?

Hatamoto has 400 HP, last hit of punch hits >900 if I recall (since it can one-hit Ashura).

65536-400-900 is close to 64000, which may be the math behind the bug.
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4 years ago#5
The highest number you can keep with one, two, or three characters is 255, 65535, and 10485757... so pretty much. That's why so many games have a maximum of at least one of those (or numbers suspiciously close to it) somewhere.

I don't see why their max HP would factor into it, though.
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4 years ago#6
Erm, that should be 1048575 not 10485757. Gamefaqs staffers, why are you so paranoid about people editing their posts an hour and a half after they were created?
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4 years ago#7
I'm not sure why the max HP would factor in, but it seems to (as I see no other way to get 64000 as a number). I think the game got caught doing things out of order than it normally would.

Typically, New HP = Old HP - (damage-defense)

After proper modifiers.

Instead, it seems to score Real Damage = Damage - Old HP - Weapon Damage

But I can't prove that's what happened. I've heard stories of fighting Arsenal at random points in the game, but never seen it. The points might not be random for that either and something got done out of order.
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4 years ago#8
I described this bug in detail in the bug fixes thread a couple years ago. Short version: confused characters/enemies use the wrong address for "remaining uses of selected item". You may notice when one of your characters gets confused that they use one item but deplete a different item's uses, or even that they lose HP instead of depleting an item. Exactly what happens depends on which inventory slot the item they used is in.

In the case of the confused Hatamotos, the first time they use Punch the damage gets calculated as if it had 0 uses, doing a fairly large but "normal" amount of damage (the triple-damage bonus effect only occurs with exactly 1 use, not 0 or any other value) The second time they use Punch (it doesn't have to be the same Hatamoto; enemies in a group share one common inventory) the damage gets calculated for 255 uses. Since 255 is larger than the initial number of uses for a Punch, the result is negative damage, which wraps around to ~65000. After that, the number of uses becomes 254, which is a special value in FFL2 meaning "unlimited uses" and causes martial arts to use an alternate damage formula. So you'll only see the five-digit damage at most twice in one battle (twice because Hatamotos have two Punches in their inventory)
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4 years ago#9
I thought this was solved. It had something to do with confused enemies drawing from different bytes off of the 8 slots for weapons, producing some wild outcomes. I think it's in a thread from a few years back on this forum.

.... and I check back and see it's already been answered by the person who originally explained it.

It's still a cool little bug to discover: Echigoya's cohorts get confused and unleash more damage than even aspiring gods or ancient guardian machines made by so-called deities can dish out. It's the opposite of White Belt, perhaps the only martial artist in video game history who struggles to even bruise his enemies.

The big outstanding glitch to solve is the rare final boss as a random encounter bug.
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